Passport Seva – Online Portal

Couple of decades ago, not only applying for a passport but thereafter even the process of
tracking and receiving it would be a challenging process. Repeated visits to the passport office
would have had to be made even to enquire on the status of the applications. But now, with
Technology having taken over, this process is simplified further with the introduction of the
Passport Seva-Online portal.

The passport being an important document for any individual wishing to travel abroad or
for the matter of fact even prove his identity as a citizen of a India, needed a lot more
simplified process to apply and receive. This has been provided to a large extent by the
Passport Seva-Online portal.

The passport India online portal is a well designed one stop solution for every applicants
passport needs, right from applying for a new passport up to renewing or re-issue of a passport.
Having said this, an applicant however has to personally visit the passport office, but with lot
more simpler activities to be take care of as most of the initial homework is already done by
making use of the passport seva- online portal.

The passport India portal is clinically designed with meticulous planning, keeping an mind every
applicants comfort levels. This portal also serves as a guide to the applicant with respect to any
frequently asked question by the applicant with respect to the process, issue or dispatch.
The passport seva online portal even helps an applicant to locate the police station, which his
residential area is covered under, to help with the police verification procedure. In addition to
offering support in applying or renewal of a passport, the passport seva portal has introduced
quite a few value added services for the benefit of its applicants.

On logging on to the passport Seva – online Portal, a new user registers with all his relevant
details to obtain his unique user login id and password. This user id and password is to be used
every time by the user when he logs on to the passport India portal and corresponds with the
passport seva Kendra. The unique login id before getting registered under a user’s name is
verified for its availability before approval to avoid any chance of duplicate id’s being issued.
With a huge rush for passports and number of applicants increasing by the day, it makes great
sense to use online facilities and reach Passport Seva –Online Portal for all your passport
related requirements.

The Passport Seva online portal is a bridge between the aspiring and the inspiring and a perfect
platform to build relationship by offering value added services.