Personal Loan EMI Calculator-PNB

Over the years, Punjab National Bank has merged with 7 banks and has completed around 100 years of Banking. The bank has a total of 6690 branches and around 9463 ATMs all over the country. The Punjab National Bank specialises in all the segments of Finance which include global as well as domestic business, savings, domestic deposit and CASA savings too. One can apply for a PNB personal loan to assist his or her personal needs.

The Punjab National Bank is among those banks which were nationalised very early in India. Today the bank has a household name in India due to its efficiency and a huge range of schemes and finance products.

Eligibility For Personal Loan In Punjab National Bank

The eligibility criteria for the Punjab National Bank have the following options for the employed and the self-employed.

  •    The minimum age of the candidate should be above 21 years
  •    The maximum age should not be more than 58 years
  •    The minimum income per month of the candidate should be at least Rs. 15,000
  •    Work experience of an applicant should be minimum two years

After meeting the PNB eligibility criteria the person will be applicable for taking the loan.

PNB Personal Loan EMI Calculator

A personal loan EMI or the equated money instalment is basically the amount that you pay to the bank for the loan. This way you will repay the loan taken from the bank eventually. The loans provided by PNB are very convenient and affordable. The EMI can be as low as Rs. 2,222 for Rs. 1 lakh for 60-month tenure. The lowest rate of interest for the personal loan is 11.95%.

Amount 2 Years 3 Years 5 Years
1 Lakh Rs. 4,705 Rs. 3,319 Rs. 2,222
3 Lakh Rs. 14,115 Rs. 9,957 Rs. 6,666
5 Lakh Rs. 23,525 Rs. 16,595 Rs. 11,110
10 Lakh Rs. 47,050 Rs. 33,190 Rs. 22,219


From the above table it can be said that for the different loan amounts that are taken at the different PNB personal loan interest rate, the EMI will be different. Also, the EMI is not same for loans taken at different tenures. The longer the tenure, higher is the PNB personal loan interest rate. Each of the EMI has a proportion of the principal and the interest amount.

Using The PNB EMI Calculator For Calculation Of Personal Loan At Different Tenure

2 Years 3 Years 5 Years
EMI At PNB for 1 Lakh rupees at 11.95% interest 4,705 3,319 2,222
Amount to pay back (Principal+ Interest) 1.13 Lakh 1.19 Lakh 1.33 Lakh
Interest To Pay Over The Loan Tenure 12,920 19,484 33,320


From the above table, one can easily interpret that the loan for a longer tenure has more interest amount than the loan taken for a shorter tenure. You will have to pay much less in case of short tenure but the EMI will be high. So, it is advised that while taking a loan, choose the tenure wisely.

Factors That Affect The Personal Loan EMI

Here we have mentioned some of the factors that you should keep in mind when calculating the EMI with a PNB EMI calculator.

  •    Loan Amount: The loan amount is borrowed by the candidate form PNB. The amount of loan that one can apply for is from Rs. 50000 to Rs. 15 lakh.
  •    Rate Of Interest: If you have high-interest rate then it will increase your EMI which will eventually increase the total cost of the loan. The lowest rate of interest that is offered by PNB is 11.95%. However, one should do a complete research for the interest rate before applying for the loan
  •    Loan Tenure: Loan tenure is basically the period in which the candidate has to repay his loans. Longer the tenure of the loan, lower is the EMI of the loan. In general, the maximum tenure offered by the PNB is for 60 months

PNB Personal Loan EMI Calculator Formula

Here we have mentioned the formula that the PNB Personal loan EMI Calculator uses for calculating the EMIs.


Here is how the formula works.

P=Loan amount, which might range from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 15 lakh

r=Interest rate every month. The current rate is 11.95%

n= tenure in months. It is up to 60 months in PNB

Personal Loan EMI Calculator PNB-How Does It Work?

The PNB EMI calculator can be a great help in calculating the combination of different factors. These factors include the interest rates, loan amount, loan tenure and EMI.

On the basis of the reducing balance, the PNB loan calculator can help to determine the different EMI payments for every month.

In any case, if someone decided to prepay the PNB loan, the personal loan outstanding balance decreases. In this case, the customer has two options only.

  • Reducing the loan tenure and keeping the EMI on the personal loan as the same. This particular option will allow the users to close the loan earlier. It will also help in saving the interest outgo which is associated with the tenure.
  • Reducing the EMI amount and keeping the loan tenure unchanged, this particular option allows the user to reduce the monthly amount of EMI. Thus it increases the months, which can be used for repaying the loans.

Frequently Asked Questions On The PNB EMI Calculator

  1. Why is it important to calculate the PNB personal Loan?

A: Calculating the EMI will help you decide the loan amount and the tenure

  1. What exactly is PNB’s lowest EMI amount?

A: For a loan of one lakh rupees, the EMI amount is Rs. 2,222.

  1. Does PNB have any pre-payment charges?

A: There are no pre-payment charges in a loan from PNB.

  1. Can you tell me about the processing charge of a PNB personal loan?

A: Excluding taxes, the processing fee is about 1.8%.

  1. Can I get personal loans from PNB with a bad credit?

A: No, an applicant is allowed to have a loan with a credit score of 700 more.

  1. Is it possible to have a co-applicant while applying for a loan?

A: Yes, you are allowed to do that and it will increase the eligibility as well.