PF withdrawal status using Form 31

EPF form 31, also known as F-31 or PF Advance Form, is used for acquiring loans , withdrawal and advances from an employee’s PF account. Usually, the advance amount need not be refunded, and if it’s not used, it should be refunded with interest. A certain amount of minimum EPF balance need to be maintained in the PF account before going ahead with the EPF loan form.

Overview of the PF advance form.

Here are all the necessary details one must know about Form 31 before applying for PF loan:

  • The EPF loan form is called Form 31/EOF Form 31/PF Advance Form
  • The form is provided by the EPFO
  • The form is used for the application to get PF loan.
  • Form 31 can only be used by the employees.

Uses of Form 31

The PF loan  taken from the EPF scheme can cater to various requirements of an employee. The list of reasons for which EPF loan form may be used by an employee are listed below:

  • Housing loan repayment
  • Education
  • House repair
  • Wedding
  • Medical treatment
  • Construction of a dwelling
  • Plot purchase
  • Lockout
  • House alteration
  • Physically handicapped
  • Abnormal conditions such as natural calamities
  • Cut in supply of electricity

Documentation required to avail the benefits of PF advance form

Here is the list of necessary documents required to avail loans, depending upon the issues:

  • For equipment for physically handicapped, a certificate from the doctor.
  • If adversely affected due to lack of power supply, a statement from state government.
  • If adversely affected by occurrence of natural calamities, a certificate from the concerned authority.
  • In case of Lock out of an establishment, a declaration.
  • For house repair (only once), a proof of need for repair.
  • For house alterations (only once), a proof of need for alteration.
  • For plot purchase, a declaration form/ copy of purchase agreement.
  • For housing loan repayment, a signed declaration.
  • For construction of a dwelling, a signed declaration.
  • For medical treatments, a certificate from a registered medical physician, certificate from employer about lack of ESI facility, certificate from specialist (leprosy, tuberculosis).
  • For a wedding, a marriage certificate.
  • For educational purposes, a bonafide certificate from the concerned educational institution.

Inside an EPF Form 31

Here’s what the employee need to fill in Form 31 to avail advances:

  • Mobile number
  • Purpose for which advance is required
  • Advance amount required
  • Name of the member
  • Husband’s name (married women)
  • Provident Fund Account Number
  • Monthly basic wages plus dearness allowance
  • Full postal address
  • Signature of applicant
  • Signature of employer
  • Mode of remittance
  • If an advance is being taken for housing loan repayment or construction of a flat or site via an agency, an employee has to mention the name of the recipient on whose name the cheque has to be drawn in addition to the complete address of the recipient
  • Savings Bank account number
  • Name of the bank
  • Branch name and complete address
  • IFS code
  • Copy of a cancelled cheque
  • If the advance is being taken for wedding expenses, the employee has to mention the details of his daughter/sister/son/brother who is getting married including his or her age, wedding date and address (if the advanced applied for is not meant for marriage purposes, an employee need not fill in any details in the section)
  • Signature of the employer
  • Signature of the applicant
  • Details related to advanced stamped received
  • Signing official’s designation (along with establishment’s stamp)

For EPF Form 31 download, one must visit the official EPFO website. EPFO will provide all the required help related to EPF Form 31 new declaration forms too.