All you need to know about PF Offices in Pune

The Employees’ Provident Funds Bill was introduced as Bill Number 15 in the Parliament on the year 1952. The PF account benefits are extended to all the establishments that employ 20 or more persons. Recently there is a new online service available for those employees who have changed their jobs to transfer his PF account through an easy online process. Many essential PF services are made available to make the process easier for a large number of employees working in both public as well as private sectors.


If you are a resident of Pune, the below mentioned address details of EPFO Pune might help:


EPF Regional Office
2nd and 3rd Floor,
Pune Cantonment Board Building,
Near Golibar Maidan, Camp,
Pune-411001 (Maharashtra).
Phone no: 020-26449150

Pune PF office contact number: 1800 118 005

PF balance check online Pune

EPFO Pune balance enquiry is easy. If you are a resident of Pune, you can check your PF balance by filling up the details.


  • As the 2nd box is for Extension Most of the times you need not enter it.
  • You need not enter anything in the 2nd box in the first lineIf your account no is PU/PUN/34590/546789
  • Your registered Mobile number is a Must!
  • Your Name need to exactly match the name that is in the PF Slip.


Employee Provident Fund is a very necessary and important investment for our future. The maturity award as well as the tax free interest ensures a very good growth to your money. PF can help in meeting employee’s requirements and his/her retirement goals if the PF money continued for a very long period of time.

The PF can be used for multiple purposes such as:

  • Accumulation plus interest upon resignation, retirement, or death.
  • Partial withdrawals allowed for specific expenses such as higher education, house construction, marriage, illness etc.


As employee provident fund or EPF helps us to secure our life after retirement it is very important to know how and where we can make our PF account. PF account should be created for every employee with a purpose of providing financial security and stability. You can start investing on your Provident fund when you join a company as an employee.