Everything you want to know about PF registration Form for employee

In recent years, the Employee Provident Fund Office (EPFO) has made it easy for salaried employees to download the necessary PF form from their website, but also check the PF amount withdrawal status online. This article discusses details of the EPF online form to be filled for PF withdrawal, along with the supporting documentation and procedure to be followed.

Filling up the PF withdrawal form

For PF withdrawal, you can download and fill Form 19, which is available at the EPFO website link (www.epfindia.gov.in), provided your previous company has completed the PF registration form for the employee. Once you download the form, you need to enter the following information in the respective form fields:

  • Full name, as mentioned on the payslip of your previous employer
  • Complete name and address of the previous company or establishment
  • PF account number (as mentioned on the company’s payslip). The PF account number format is a combination of the Indian state name, the EPF office code, the employer (or establishment code), and the employee’s PF account number. In case you do not remember your PF account number, you can get the information from your previous company.
  • The date and reason for leaving the previous company
  • Permanent address details
  • Bank account details (where the EPFO needs to credit the final PF amount)

Submitting your completed PF withdrawal form

Once you have filled and completed Form 19, you will need to submit the form to your previous employer for the necessary authorisation, following which the form can be submitted to the EPFO office, where your PF account is currently being maintained.

In case your previous company has shut down, or you are unable to establish contact with them, you can fill up the Form 19 and get it attested by your bank manager for verification of your identity and account details.

Along with the completed form, the following supporting documents of the PF account holder must also be submitted for PF withdrawal purposes:

  • Identity proof document
  • Address proof document
  • Revenue stamps
  • Bank account statement
  • Black and cancelled cheque of the bank account with the IFSC code and account number

Checking PF withdrawal status

Once you have successfully submitted your PF withdrawal form and received the acknowledgement slip from the EPFO, you can check PF withdrawal status and the PF form status online on their website.

This article provides all information that you need to know about PF withdrawal, the procedure to be followed, and to find the PF withdrawal claim status on the EPFO website.