PNB MetLife Insurance: Complete Guide

The PNB MetLife Insurance Company Limited (PNB MetLife) is one of the leading life insurance companies in our country. MetLife International Holdings LLC (MIHL), Punjab National Bank Limited (PNB), Jammu & Kashmir Bank Limited (JKB), M. Pallonji and Company Private Limited, are its shareholders. The PNB MetLife Insurance serves customers in over 7000 locations with a wide range of products covering health, life and retirement insurance.

The PNB MetLife offers various value added products to its customers. The diagram below gives us the different types of products offered by the PNB MetLife Insurance.



WITH Digitization making rapid strides in every sector, PNB MetLife Insurance is not far from adopting the digital path and adapting the digital process. The pnbmetsmartportal pnb MetLife co is a PNB MetLife Plan offer to its esteemed customers to manage their life insurance policy needs online.

PNB MetLife Insurance invites its customers to visit the site, to know more about the online facility extended.

A new user can register online by visiting the official web-link of the PNB MetLife Insurance at,

Once registered, the user can now login to his account using his user if and password given at the time of registration. to complete the login formalities.

The PNB MetLife term Plan is one of the most sought out protection plans, when you are starting off a family with cover for your spouse as well. The PNB MetLife Plan also covers children and the sum assured increases when you welcome more members in the family. The PNB MetLife Term Plan has 4 pay-out options and is indeed very customizable to suit the needs of your family as it grows. The PNB MetLife Mera Term Plan has a sum assured of upto Rs.10 lakhs and a coverage term of upto 75 years.

PNB MetLife gives topmost priority to customer convenience. It is with this aspect in mind that the PNB MetLife Insurance has extended online payment for its customers. Here’s how easy it is!

  • Visit the PNB MetLife Online Payment link,

  • This opens up the page, “ Bill desk – PNB MetLife Payment Gateway”
  • Select the type of payment you would be making
  • Click on the option,” Pay Now”

Customer care being of paramount importance, the PNB MetLife Insurance has a very competent PNB MetLIfe Customer Care section to answer all your queries. Customers can directly get in touch through the PNB MetLife Insurance Toll free number: 1800-425-6969 or visit the PNB MetLife head office located at, Unit No. 701, 702 & 703, 7th Floor, West Wing, Raheja Towers, 26/27 M G Road, Bangalore – 560001, India.

To be eligible to apply for the PNB MetLife Insurance Policy,

  • The applicant should be between 18-60 years of age
  • He should be a resident of India
  • He should be a salaried or a self-employed professional or running his own business.

The applicant should support his PNB MetLife Insurance application with the following supportive documentations.

  • Identity Proof
  • Age Proof
  • Income Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Pan Number

The PNB MetLife Insurance extends a unique facility to its customers in PNB MetLife Illustration. The Customers can visit the web-link, Illustration/ , in this regard to get a brief introduction and then get in touch with the nearest PNB MetLife Insurance branch office to know more.

For its customers, The PNB MetLife Insurance has simplified the process of knowing their policy status. To know the PNB MetLife Policy Status, simply register online on the official PNB MetLife Insurance website with your policy details. Henceforth, all you need to do is simply go online, login to your account with the login and password and get all the details you need about your policy. This also can be done through email and phone. For those who are less acquainted with digital media might find the phone an easier way of accessing information


Apart from a huge pan India audience base, PNB MetLife has several attractive features and advantages which makes it the most sought after in Life Insurance coverages.

  • Acknowledged Brand Value
  • The PNB MetLife Insurance has been a consistent profit making organization.
  • The PNB MetLife offers flexible and diverse products.
  • LIC Life Insurance has a proven variety of products with one of the highest number of policies on offer
  • The PNB MetLife has a high claim settlement ratio.
  • Sets high standards in the market with quality products.

PNB Life Insurance Plans – Frequently Asked Questions  

  1. What are the life insurance policies that PNB MetLife offers?

  1. A.  MetLife offers protection plans, retirement plans, monthly income plans money back plans, investment plans, child plans, savings plan, rural plans, health plans and rider plans. Visit Metlife website to know more about the various products under each plans.
  1. What are the supporting documents that are required while applying for the insurance?

  1. You will have submit your identity proof, age proof, address proof, income proof and PAN card documents while applying for the insurance.
  1. What are the modes of premium payment available?

  1.  A. The payments can be made through cheque, cash or through online payment. You  can also give a standing order for the bank to deduct the amount from your debit card or savings account to meet the payment of the policy.
  1. How can I make life insurance more affordable?

  1. You can buy the life insurance when you are young as the premium payment will be lower.
  2. How much life insurance do I need?
  1. You must consider how much your dependents will need to live comfortably and to be able to pay all the bills and meet other expenses while taking a life insurance.

   Q. Can I change my beneficiary or nominee?

  1. Yes, you can change your beneficiary at any time till the maturity date of the policy.
  1. What is the free look period offered by PNB MetLife?

  1. You will get a 15 day free look period within which you can return the policy and you will get a full refund.

     Q. Can I surrender my policy?

     A. Yes. You can surrender your policy.