All You Need to Know About Police Verification for Passport

Getting a passport is more than just filling out an application form and submitting the same to a passport office, it involves a security check to ensure the details presented by you are accurate. This step is the police verification for passport step.


Police verification for passport is an important stage in availing passports. It is a security measure put in place by the government to ensure the legality of the applicant. Police verification can be done at various stages and depends on a number of factors. There are 4 types of police verification:


  • Pre Police Verification for Passport – before the passport has been issued
  • Post Police Verification for Passport- after the passport has been issued

Pre Police Verification for Passport

When an applicant submits an application for a passport to the passport office along with the other necessary attested documents, the passport office will then send the details to the relevant police station. An officer will then be sent to the address mentioned in the passport application form to verify the details presented in the application such as the address, name, and age of the applicant. Once he is assured that all details present are true, he will communicate the same to the passport office. On confirming the personal details of an application, the passport office will then approve the application and issue the passport.

Post Police Verification for Passport?

Although for the common public, pre passport police verification is popular there are cases where the police verification is done after the passport is issued. For instance, a government employee or PSU employee who submit a No Objection Certificate through Annexure M will have the police verification completed after the


Even in the case of minors, the police verification for the passport is completed after the issuance. In this case, both parents should be valid passport holders residing at the same address. As the police verification would have been completed for both the parents at the time of issuance of their passport the passport office decides to have the verification done after the issuance of the minor’s passport.

Police Verification for Passport Online

Earlier a policeman would have to go to an individual’s home for verification which would delay the entire processed. But now, two constables in every police stations are equipped with a tablet and trained to collect all the information and documents online. This way verification can be completed in 10 days.


No Police Verification for Fresh Passport


For few applicants, Passport Office will deem it completely unnecessary for a Police Verification for a passport to happen. Those applicants include government, PSU, statutory body employees who apply for the passport and submit a document known as an “identity certificate” through annexure B. Such applicants will receive their passport without any police verification.

Applicants who own a diplomatic or official passport will also not have a police verification at the time of applying for an ordinary passport, as long as they submit the identity certificate through annexure “b”.

Status of Police verification for passport

Once your police verification is complete your status can be any one of the 3: “Clear”, “Adverse”, and “Incomplete.” Let’s look at these in details.

Police Verification status – Clear

This status indicates that all details provided by the applicant were correct, there are no criminal records against the applicant and the police found no cause for concern.

Police Verification status – Adverse

When the police verification status of a passport application is Adverse, it could be one of two things:

A false address is given.

If the police report states that you do not actually reside in the address that you’ve submitted in your application then the status will be updated at “adverse” status. However, there could be a chance where the applicant was unavailable at the address at the time of the verification. This can be resolved by simply writing to the RPO with your file number and requesting a re-verification.

Unresolved criminal cases.

Any unresolved or pending criminal cases against the applicant will result in an “adverse” status and neither the passport office nor the police station can take any steps towards approving your passport until the case has been resolved in court or a court order for a temporary short-term passport has been obtained.

If the criminal cases have been resolved but the status still states “adverse” PV report, the applicant can hand the copy over to the RPO and request a re-verification.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to Police Verification for passports

How Long does it take to receive a passport in case of Pre police verification?

The Passport office will take days to dispatch your passport after they get a clear status from the police station.

How Long does it take to receive a passport in case of Post police verification?

Once all your documents are received along with the annexures, it will take days for your passport to be dispatched. The police verification will be done after you have received the passport.

How long does the Passport Office take to dispatch the passport in No-Police Verification cases?

You will receive your passport after 3 working days of sending in the application.

Is police verification required for applicants who are over the age of 65?

In regular cases, a pre-police verification is required, however, if the applicants can should their adult child’s passport where their names are mentioned then a post police verification will be allowed.

Is police verification done for Government / PSU / Statutory body employees?

If the applicant produces a No Objection Certificate, a police verification is not required.

Here is everything there is to know about police verification. If your passport is taking longer to be dispatched, you can always follow up with the RPO with your file number and they will be able to give you the status and all details regarding your passport and police verification for passport.