Punjab National Bank – Personal Loan

There are many kinds of loans that one might need to take in their lifetime but as the name suggests, a personal loan is something that helps a person provide a better life for himself and the people around him even in times of financial urgency. There might be various reasons why one would want a personal loan, it could be for a wedding, money required to start a new venture or for some other reason. Regardless of the need, a personal loan is taken to fulfill the need for a sudden requirement of money and the PNB personal loan offers several attractive benefits.

Overview of the Personal Loan

Being one of the oldest banks of India the Punjab National Bank is well established and trusted by all. There are loans for two-wheelers, cars and even personal loans provided here and PNB is the best place to go to acquire a loan. The bank provides customised offers for the borrowers and also gives the loan at a low rate of interest. There are many credit schemes that could be beneficial. Applying for a Punjab national bank personal loan is extremely convenient and easy to do. This is because there are no long formalities and elaborate filling of documents that will take up your precious time. The PNB personal loan understands the drive to make dreams come true and hence makes funds available to all with PNB personal loan interest rate which is very reasonable. Having over 5 thousand branches in India, the bank is easily approachable for anything needed.

The features and benefits of the personal loan

The Punjab national bank personal loan offers features and benefits unlike any other. Here are a few top ones:

  • There are no hidden charges which have to be paid by the customer. All money that is required to be given is out in the open and there is complete transparency between the bank and the borrower at all times.
  • The bank provides PNB personal loan interest rate at a much lower price than elsewhere which attracts more people into taking these loans.
  • There are various offers and discounts provided to those who get a loan here, with special benefits for government officials, women and doctors.
  • From application to receiving the money, everything can be easily done online. You can even check your PNB loan status online with a few taps on your phone.
  • Unlike most other banks there are absolutely no foreclosure charges which works in the favour of the customers

Eligibility Criteria for the Personal Loan

The various eligibility requirements one has to meet the eligibility criteria to be able to take the loan are as follows-

  • The minimum age for application is 21 years and the maximum age is 58
  • If one is a salaried individual he/she needs to get a monthly income which varies from whether the person lives in an urban or rural area. The minimum salary per month for those who are self-employed is twenty thousand
  • Both salaried and self-employed individuals need to have a minimum of 2 years of work experience
  • The least amount of money that can be borrowed as a loan is 50 thousand and the amount of the loan depends on your eligibility based on the PNB loan calculator
  • The tenure during which the loan can be repaid varies from 12 months to 60 months
  • A processing fee of 1.80% is taken to do all the work from the beginning until the loan is finally sanctioned

Documents Required for Personal Loan

The PNB personal loan EMI calculator will decide how much money you need to repay to the bank at the end of each month but for you to get an approval the following documents are required to be submitted-

  • A fully and correctly filled application form with your photograph
  • Proof of identity such as a voter id card, passport etc
  • Proof of your address for which you can provide gas bills, electricity bills and others
  • Proof of your monthly income, a processing cheque and three months previous bank statements or six months bank passbook need to be submitted as well
  • For those who get a salary, a copy of the latest salary slips needs to be provided
  • For those who are self-employed, the latest bank statements need to be provided
  • Any other document asked by the bank should be presented as well

How to apply for the loan 

To apply for a personal loan you need not go to the bank repeatedly. Technology has made it easier to not only to apply for a loan but also receive one very easily and in a short time. If you wish to get a personal loan from Punjab National Bank you may simply visit the official website https://www.pnbindia.in/. Once you have checked your eligibility, and have chosen your loan and application online, you will receive an immediate e-approval and you may then take it further once the bank approaches you.



  1. For what reasons can I apply for a personal loan?

Personal loans can be applied for any personal or business needs that you are falling short of funds for. It could be for your marriage, to invest in your business, to go on a foreign tour, a medical emergency or treatment of any kind. There are many other reasons why a personal loan can be applied to, no matter what the need we cater to find a solution for you.

  1. What makes PNB a better bank to apply for a personal loan?

You will get a reasonable rate of interest with no miscellaneous charges. You can also easily apply for the loan online and keep checking your status. There are no long methods for processing and documenting. Everything happens in an organised and fast manner, unlike any other bank that provides personal loans. There are also many discounts and offers which could be used otherwise to you.

  1. Where can I apply for a personal loan?

You can apply online at https://www.pnbindia.in/personal.html for a hassle free and smooth way to get a personal loan

  1. Will I get a loan if I live on pension?

Yes, people who receive pensions are eligible to apply for a loan if they meet the criteria

  1. How much EMI am I required to pay?

The rate of EMI varies from person to person based on the amount of money borrowed as a loan.