Everything about Reliance two wheeler insurance

Nowadays the traffic conditions have made driving riskier than ever before. Car travelling takes much time than bike and car parking is another headache for car owners. A two wheeler is far more sensible choice because it has a quick mobility and convenience for travelling within the city. However a two-wheeler cannot guarantee your safety.

Features & Benefits of Reliance motor insurance

  • You have the flexibility to purchase an insurance policy online. Payment can be made conveniently through various channels, such as Paytm, Credit or Debit card, Net Banking, etc.
  • The online method of policy helps you to purchase an instant two wheeler insurance policy without any paperwork.
  • Reliance 2 wheeler insurance has a reliable reimbursement process that offers quick and easy claim settlements.
  • You can renew your Reliance bike insurance policy without the need to get the vehicle inspected.
  • You can avail cashless claim facility at a wide network of authorized garages.

Coverage of Reliance two wheeler insurance plan

This comprehensive Reliance two wheeler insurance policy covers a wide range of damages or loss caused to your vehicle which also includes damages caused to third party person or property. The following damage will be covered by the insurance policy.

  • Self Ignition
  • Accident
  • Transit by Rail, Road, Air & Elevator
  • Flood
  • Cyclone
  • Fire
  • Lightening
  • Theft
  • Earthquake
  • Inundation
  • Explosion
  • Terrorism
  • Riot & Strikes or Malicious Acts

Reliance bike insurance exclusions

  • Routine wear and tear
  • The two wheeler used for purposes other than what it is accorded for
  • Electrical and mechanical breakdown
  • Damage caused to the vehicle or third party by a person riding the vehicle without a valid Driving License
  • Damage or loss to the caused to the vehicle or third party while riding under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicating substance.
  • Loss or damage due to depreciation of the vehicle’s value
  • Consequential loss and Compulsory deductibles

Reliance 2 wheeler insurance claims process

  • Call toll free on 1800 3009 to register the claim as soon as the claim occurs
  • Visit the nearest authorized garage with the vehicle for assessment and repair.

Provide the required documents to the surveyor as requested.

  • Upon confirmation of the claim, the required repair/replacement work can be carried out at the garage.
  • If the insured opts for cashless facility, Reliance General settles the bills directly with the garage after completion of the repair work.
  • If the customer is willing to pay for repairs upfront, bills can be submitted to the surveyor for settlement by means of reimbursement.

Reliance Bike Insurance Renewal Online

Compared to other vehicles, two wheelers are way more vulnerable to road accidents. To ensure the protection of your bike or scooter from accidents and any other kind of dangers, it is very important to renew your bike insurance on time.

Reliance General two wheeler insurance protects your vehicle from accidents, damages, loss, natural calamities, theft, etc. Cashless facility is also available at across a network of 159 chosen garages. Every two wheeler insured with the company is covered against any damage/loss, faced by a third party, caused due to the insured vehicle.

The third party is compensated by the insurer, for the same. The insurance policy can be booked and renewed online through a very quick and hassle-free process. Just go on the official website of Reliance General Insurance, select the two wheeler icon and enter your existing policy number in the policy renewal tab. Click on ‘Renew My Policy’ and you will be directed to the two wheeler insurance policy renewal page. Give your vehicle the deserved protection and care with Reliance General two wheeler insurance renewal.

Reliance two wheeler insurance Document Required:

Oriental Insurance Company requires the following documents:

  • Duplicate copy of claim notification with copy of policy and premium receipts.
  • FIR.
  • Police enquiry report
  • Photos or/ and videos of the damaged property that shows how much damage is done.
  • Bills, asset register and bank statements to help the company investigator authenticate the amount of loss.
  • Driving License (DL) – Original and a duplicate copy
  • Registration Certificate of Two-wheeler – Original and a duplicate copy
  • Bike keys.
  • A duly filled claim form.

How to buy Reliance two wheeler insurance online?

Buying Oriental two wheeler insurance is very easy through its online portal.

  • Log on to the company’s official portal
  • Click on ‘buy now’ option
  • Select two wheeler insurance
  • The ‘premium calculation’ page will occur
  • Select the correct information required for the premium amount calculation from the drop down list
  • Once the calculation is done, you will get the final amount to be paid
  • Click on ‘buy the policy’ to proceed with the transaction
  • Choose your mode of payment and pay the amount
  • Your have successfully bought your insurance policy.
  • You will get the soft copy of policy papers to your mail id and phone number.

Scooting around the city can be unsafe at times and lead you to trouble. Don’t worry; you just need a correct insurance plan. Reliance two wheeler insurance offers financial support against all kinds of damages caused to you and your bike as well as another individual, vehicle or property. Two wheeler insurance plans give coverage for natural disasters as well as man-made disasters.