A Comprehensive Overview of Religare Health Insurance

Overview of Religare Health Insurance

When it comes to a health insurance plan, most people want to know about Religare Health Insurance because of the number of benefits it offers. It is a financial services company that provides solutions in a number of fields, the predominant ones being insurance, investment and wealth management, lending and stock broking. Other areas are Religare broking and Religare online trading.

The company headquarters of Religare Health Insurance Company are located in Delhi. Religare can serve the people better because they come to know about the expectations of the patients and their families directly through their allies, Fortis Hospitals, which in turn is a major healthcare service provider. It is a major Religare network hospital. They also come to the know about the market financial situation through Union Bank and Corporation Bank, which are extremely reputable public sector financial institution, providing premium banking services to all sections of the society.

Religare Health Insurance brings the India consumer a number of insurance plans and they have something for every budget and need, be it Religare life insurance or health insurance.

Benefits & Features

There are a number of Religare Health Insurance benefits and they are as follows:

Sum Insured: One of the major Religare Health Insurance features is that it offers health cover with a sum insured of up to a lump sum amount of Rs 6 crore.

Renewal: The renewal of health insurance policies from Religare Health Insurance ensures that the policy holder gets lifelong renewability advantage whenever he wants.

Cashless Hospitalization: Religare Health Insurance plans ensure that the policy holders can avail cashless hospitalizations in more than 5420 network hospitals across the country.

Restore Benefit: In case the claim amount covers all the insurance coverage, then the sum insured is automatically recharged without the policy holder paying any extra fees.

No Claim Bonus: In case the policy holder does not make a claim any year, then for every claim- free year, there would be a 150% increase in sum insured with Religare Super No Claim Bonus.

Health Checkup: All the insured members would be able to avail Religare annual health check- up irrespective of the fact whether they had or had not made a claim.

Medical examination: For those who have sum insured of less than Rs 25 lakhs, there is no need for pre- policy medical test till one is 50 years of age.

Claim process: Religare Health Insurance settles all their claims directly and they do not negotiate with any third party claimants.

Global Healthcare Treatment: An add-on cover is offered Religare Health Insurance under which the insured policy holders will be eligible to receive global healthcare treatment from any of the network hospitals in the whole world.

Premium payment: Premium payments are hassle free and no paperwork is required to purchase of renew a policy. All of this can be done easily through the company website.

Insurance Coverage: All the pre and post- hospitalization expenses are also covered by Religare Health Insurance and there is also no sub- limit on vital expenses. There is also no co- payment requirement for up to 60 years of age of the policy holder.

Eligibility and Documentation:

The policy holder has to provide certain documents to be eligible for the various insurance policies that he or she wants to apply for and they differ from policy to policy. However, Religare Health Insurance does not claim any ownership with regards to the documents the policy holder provides, be it birth proof, age proof or the medical test reports.

Some of the documents that the policy holder would have to work with are Religare health insurance claim form while making a claim, Religare securities limited while working with share trading with Religare. Religare online trading platform has helped many novices acquire a decent amount for themselves through online trading.

Religare health insurance review has always been a positive one because the policy holders are of the opinion that the company stands by what was promised to the policy holders and there are zero problems faced while claiming their amount. Those who have created their accounts with the Religare website and conduct their transactions online can easily do with the help of Religare health insurance login and the policy holder finds all the details regarding his or her policy listed in their account, making it easier for them to keep a track of their policies.

Types of Religare Health Insurance

Based on the needs of the clients, there are a number of Religare Health Insurance plans and one can choose accordingly.

Religare Health Insurance Care Plan:

The Religare Health Insurance Care Plan has an entry age of 91 days onwards- that is even a minor who has crossed three months of age can be entered for the policy. There is no upper age limit for Religare care. The policy period is of one year and there is lifetime renewability option. The medical screening options are both individual as well as family floater. There are various amount of sun assured- starting on from Rs 3 lakhs to Rs 7 lakhs, then Rs 10 lakhs, Rs 15 lakhs, Rs 20 lakhs, Rs 25 lakhs, Rs 50 lakhs and Rs 60 lakhs. All the Religare Health insurance network hospital follow the same rates. There is no claim bonus of 50% to 150% and that also increases with every claim free year which is awarded at renewal. The co-payment amount is 20% applicable on coverage option. The policy covers a variety of aspects like in patient hospitalization expenses, room charges up to 1% of sum assured, The Religare Health checkup, ICU costs, up to 2% of sum assured, medical and professional fees, 170 day care procedures, in case of organ transplant the donor’s hospitalization expenses and other domiciliary hospitalization expenses. All the information can be availed from Religare Care Freedom brochure.

Religare Health Insurance Enhance Plan

The entry age of Religare Enhance Health Insurance Plan is one day onwards and there is no upper age limit. The Religare health insurance renewal is a lifetime option. Medical screening for Religare Enhance is required for entrants over 45 years if the coverage is more than Rs 15 lakhs and above. The sum assured is Rs 1 lakh to Rs 25 lakhs for Enhance 1 Plan. It is Rs 6 lakhs to Rs 30 lakhs for Enhance 2 Plan and the sum assured is arrived as multiple of the chosen deductible. The deductibles are Rs 1 to 5 lakhs for Enhance 1 and Rs 6 to 10 lakhs for Enhance 2. The co-payment is 20% on coverage of Rs 5 lakhs and above for new policy holders above 61 years of age. The loading premium is 15%, 30% or 50% based on underwriting and group discounts of 5% to 20% are applicable depending on the numbers. The same rates are covered by all Religare health insurance network hospital. The policy covers in patient hospitalization which is up to the chosen sum assured for a single private room, organ donor hospitalization expenses, pre and post hospitalization expenses, 170 day care procedures and covers pre- existing diseases after 4 years of waiting period. The policy covers treatment globally one also has the option to convert to comprehensive health insurance plan which happens after 4 years of successive years of coverage. Religare cashless hospital can be enjoyed through this policy.

Religare Health Insurance Assure Plan

The age of the policy holder for Religare Assure can be between 18 to 65 years of age. The policy is available for both individuals as well as on floater basis. The policy period for Religare health insurance assure plan is for one, two or three years. One can also enjoy lifelong renewability and the sum assured starts from Rs 3 lakhs and goes up to Rs 1.20 crores. The premium for Religare health insurance bancassurance amount starts from Rs 1552 for a 5 lakh sum assured for 18 to 25 years. There is also a 10% discount on 3 year policy and 7.5 % discount on 2 year policy. A lot of Religare assure critical illnesses are covered like Cancer, Heart Valve Replacement, Coronary Artery Bypass Graft, Bacterial Meningitis, Aplastic Anemia, End Stage Renal Failure, Multiple Sclerosis, Benign Brain Tumor, Major Organ Transplant Stroke, Paralysis, Myocardial Infarction. However, these are covered before the policy holder reaches 50 years of age. A lump sum benefit of 10% can be availed for the benefit of child’s education along with Religare assure critical illness plan if he or she is under 24 years of age.

Religare Health Insurance Secure Plan

The minimum age of the insured under secure Religare has to be 91 days while the minimum age of the proposer has to be 18 years. The maximum entry age has to be 24 years while the maximum adult age is 70 years. The policy tenure is 1 to 3 years and there is lifetime renewability to be enjoyed. The sum assured for Religare Secure plan is Rs 10 lakhs for Secure 1, Rs 15, 20, 25 and 30 lakhs for Secure 2 plan. Secure 3 Plan as sum assured of Rs 20 lakhs and Rs 1 crore, Rs 2 crore, and Rs 3 crore and Secure 4 has Rs 3 crore to Rs 25 crore cover. The enhance plan covers accidental death, Permanent Disablement (Total/Partial), Major Diagnostic Tests, Disappearance (minimum period of 1 year), Mobility Cover, Burns, Daily Cash Allowance, Fractures, Child Education, Domestic Road Ambulance, Nursing Care, Reconstructive Surgery and transport of mortal remains all provided by Religare Securities Ltd. One also gets to enjoy loyalty benefit, and the option to choose longer policy tenure. Religare Term Insurance and Religare Life Insurance are also good options to go with.

Religare Health Insurance Joy Plan

The minimum entry age for the Religare Health Insurance Joy plan is 18 years for adults, and 1 day for a child or new born. The maximum entry age is 45 years for adults and 24 years for child and 90 days for new born. The policy period for Religare Joy Today is 3 years and Joy Tomorrow is 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years. There is also lifetime renewability to be enjoyed. The sum assured is 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs. The co payment is 20% of the claim amount per the policy that is provided by the eldest member of the family. The waiting period for Religare Joy Today is 9 months. The initial waiting period is 30 days and for specific ailments it is 2 years. For Joy Tomorrow, the Maternity Waiting Period is 24 months and the initial waiting period is 30 days and the specific ailments waiting is 2 years. One can also avail cashless hospitalization at all network hospitals across the country and one could also enjoy 100% increment in sum insured with No Claim Bonanza. There are also tax benefits to be enjoyed and there is a free look period of 15 days. Non allopathic treatments are excluded as are treatments related to IVF. Expenses arising from self inflicted injury are also excluded. Religare Joy Plan Brochure has all the details.

Religare Health Insurance Care Freedom Plan

The entry age for care Freedom plan is 46 years and the policy tenure is 1 to 3 years and the Religare online services can be availed as well. There is lifelong renewability to be enjoyed and the eldest member of the family up to 71 years of age can co- pay. Both individual and Religare family floater options are available. The sum assured is Rs 3 lakhs to Rs 5 lakhs. The areas that are covered under this are Covers 170 day care procedures, Covers in-patient hospitalization, wherein the insured is hospitalized for over a 24-hour period, Pre and post hospitalization expenses, Ambulance charges, Domiciliary treatment, Certain non-medical/consumable expenses, Companion benefit is provided, Dialysis cover and Room charges. All the other details are available in Religare care freedom brochure. Religare medical insurance is considered to be one of the best.

Religare Health Insurance Policy Renewal

It is important to renew the Religare health policy on time so that one can continue to get constant coverage for themselves and their families. The Religare policy renewal can be easily done online through the company website. The renewal payment option methods include online using net banking, credit card, or debit card. All one has to do is click on the Renew tab which can be seen on the top right hand corner of the page to new the Religare medical policy. The policy number and the date of birth has to be entered and the rest of the instructions would follow and all the Religare health insurance policy details would show up. It is important for the policy to be renewed on time because certain benefits are lost when the time is up. Although getting a new policy is not difficult, there is no reason to waste time if an emergency is round the corner and it is always a good idea to be ready when that happens.

Religare Health Insurance Premium Calculator

One can avail the Religare term insurance premium calculator from the Religare Health Insurance website and that is used to calculate the monthly premium and gross premium. The tax benefits can also be calculated. Once the Religare premium calculator opens, one has to enter the number of the members to be insured. One also has to provide their contact details like email and phone number. The sum insured amount and the policy term in years also has to be entered. The total premium would be displayed onscreen after clicking on Calculate button. The Religare mediclaim premium calculator is indeed very easy to use and one can use it to calculate premiums for individuals as well as for floater plans. In the same way, the Religare brokerage calculator is used by those in trading. The Religare mediclaim policy premium calculator is used by those who opt for regular mediclaims for the family and the calculator can help them choose a plan according to their budget.

Religare health insurance hospital list

Those who have policies with Religare Health insurance can avail cashless hospitalization across 5420 hospitals in India and then still more across the world. The Religare cashless hospital list is exhaustive. The Religare health insurance policy is one of the best in the country. The medical treatment can be availed in any of the network hospitals and all one has to do is log on to the website and click on the Religare Network Hospital Locator Tool. All the details of the hospital like name address and phone numbers will be instantly displayed.



  • How to File a Claim with Religare Health Insurance?

When an emergency occurs, Religare should be contacted within 24 hours by calling the 24 hour customer care number at 1800 200 4488. In case of planned hospitalization, it should be before 48 hours. The policy holder’s name, claimant ID and customer ID also have to be provided. The details of the hospital, details of diagnosis and treatment and an approximate claim amount has to be to specified, along with the date of admission. Original copies of the test report, and photo ID has to be provided. A pre- authorization form has to be filled up in case of a cashless hospitalization.

  • What are the benefits of buying health insurance?

By buying a health insurance, one protects oneself and one’s family by providing the means of paying for the treatment in case an accident happens or an illness occurs. Premiums have to be paid each moth or year for a particular plan for a particular sum assured and when the time comes, the company pays for the medical expenses.

  • What is the meaning of cashless hospitalization? Does Religare Health Insurance provide it?

Cashless hospitalization means that one does not have to pay for the treatment in cash up front. The policy holder pays to the insurance company and they pay the hospital directly and the patient or the family does not have to deal with it. Religare Health Insurance is one of the best cashless hospitalization service provider.

  • How is the customer service at Religare Health Insurance?

The customer service at Religare Health Insurance is one of the best. The 24 hour helpline can be reached through 1800 200 4488 and some representative is always available to guide the patients with their queries.

  • Can I correct the relationship in my policy document?
  • Yes, this can easily be done by calling the customer care or by logging on to the website with the ID and make the relevant changes.
  • Is it possible to increase or reduce the sum insured in the policy?

Yes, quite a few plans like Religare Joy and Religare Enhance have the option of increasing the sum assured by making changes in premium.

  • Can I change my date of birth, if it gets written incorrectly in the policy document?

Yes one could call the customer care to make the relevant changes for you or you could also log into the website and provide your phone number and ID to make the relevant changes. However, it is best to also submit a copy of the corrected document in a Religare branch.

  • What are the benefits of a health card?

A health card is like an identity card used for medical purposes and it has a unique ID through which one’s medical history can be traced. If one has an insurance it allows to pay for day care, ambulance, hospitalization and pre and post hospitalization and there is no need to provide documents individually. All the details can be gathered from the health card alone.

  • What are the benefits of buying Religare Health Insurance at an early age?

Buying the Religare Health Insurance at an early age would mean that one is fitter and younger and so the premium amounts are bound to be low. One would hence be able to get greater cover by spending less.

  • Explain the working of a floater cover under Religare Health Insurance?

Under the floater scheme, the policy holder can get insured for the entire family, from the youngest to the oldest. By using an online calculator, one has to enter the number of family members to be insured, their respective ages and one single premium amount is displayed. The members could also be added or removed later under this scheme.

  • What are excluded from a standard Religare Health Insurance Policy?

Self inflicted harm are often excluded from Religare Heath Insurance policy. Hernia, cataract, fistula, arthritis, kidney stone, benign prostatic hypertrophy, myomectomy for fibroids. A complete list can be found in the Religare website.

  • For what reasons can there be a deduction in the claim amount of Religare Health Insurance?

All non medical expenses are not payable like snacks, telephone bills. If the sum insured is exhausted or the amount exceeds sub limits. If original bills and reports are not available and if there are expenses related to tests and investigations not related to the reason for which the patient is admitted.