Require an EPF check? UAN passbook is all you need.

Provident fund or PF refers to a certain amount which gets deducted  from the salary each month. The sole purpose for this is to create a personal savings made on a monthly basis for every employee, that can be received as and when required post retirement. For a PF check anytime, all a person required is a Universal Account Number (UAN), that helps one to keep an eye on the epf (Employee Provident Fund)  balance. Listed below are some of the special benefits that come with provident fund:

  • Under the EPF and EPS (Employee Pension Scheme), a person will be entitled to pension as well.
  • EPF Corpus can be withdrawn, in case of emergencies falling under certain terms and conditions.
  • Provident fund amount can be withdrawn in case of medical emergencies.
  • The 50% of the EPF corpus fund can be withdrawn for education/weddings/etc.
  • Insurance benefits also come handy with provident fund schemes.

What is UAN?

The Universal Account Number (UAN) is a 12 digit number allotted to every member under the EPF, which helps people to monitor their PF status. The UAN is responsible for connecting all the PF accounts for an employee across organizations. A job change means change in PF accounts every single time. However, with UAN, this can never be a matter of concern. The UAN connects multiple IDs and makes it easier for the employee for any EPF balance enquiry, or any other EPFO status update. Some of the benefits of UAN are as follows:

  • Connects all the PF accounts to one single account.
  • Online PF check and withdrawal becomes easier.
  • PF balance check with UAN becomes simpler.
  • Transferring money from one account to another is possible with ease.
  • Tracking the PF status online is possible with EPF balance passbook.

Monitoring PF check with UAN passbook

Going ahead with a PF check is not a difficult job. The government has made it easier to keep an eye on  it, whether it’s EPF balance enquiry or any other EPFO status update.  For a PF check, here are a few ways to stay updated on the same:

  • Download the UAN M-epf Mobile app. All you have to do is click on “Member” and select the option of “EPF Balance/Passbook”. Fill in the UAN details for a PF check and update.
  • Give a missed call on the toll free number 011-22901406 to know the EPF member balance enquiry.
  • Opt for a PF check by SMS alert. Send a text at the toll free number and receive all the details related to the PF amount.
  • Check EPFO status online by downloading the UAN member passbook. Log in to the portal to get the UAN number, download the passbook and do a PF check with a few, simple steps.

The EPF amount is meant for saving for a longer duration, which leads to multiple benefits. Therefore, it should be withdrawn after retirement. However, keeping a regular check on the same is also suggested.