Know How to Track SBI Credit Card Application Status

Have you applied for an SBI credit card? Want to know when it will be dispatched, or whether it is delayed? Are you unsure if the application has been approved?  To know all this you need to do an SBI credit card application status check. This can be done for all 17 types of SBI credit cards that are listed under broad categories below:

After applying for the card, you should receive an SMS from SBI conforming your credit card application and containing the reference number and application number. Keep this SMS safe, as you will need these numbers to track the status.

Status check can be done the following ways:

  1. You can check it offline by:
    1. Visiting your closest SBI bank branch
    2. Check SBI credit card application status with a mobile
  1. The smartest and easiest method to check SBI credit card application status is online, by using either:
    1. application number
    2. Air Way Bill number
    3. date of birth
  1. Checking SBI Bank credit card application status by reference number, which can be done either online or by visiting the nearest SBI bank branch.

Let us check out details of each method.

How to check  

  1. 1. SBI credit card application status check can be done by visiting your nearest SBI bank branch. You have to mention your e-reference number, application form number and date of birth at the bank helpdesk. You may also write a letter to the SBI bank, but this is a time taking and old
  2. SBI credit card status by mobile number usage- you can call the customer care helplines to get SBI card track application status:
    1. SBI card toll-free numbers are 1860180 1290 or 18001801290.
    2. You could also dial the SBI credit card customer number You have to prefix your area STD code with this number. So, if you live in Kolkata, you have to dial 033-39020202 (033 is the STD code) for checking SBI credit card status through your mobile number.

How to check SBI credit card status online/track application status SBI credit card

If you wish to track SBI credit card application status by the online method you should opt for the SBI credit card online registration. This is free of cost on SBI’s dedicated credit card portal. 

All you need to do, is log in to the official SBI website and register. Then you will get a User ID and password with which you can log in and check SBI credit card online status in three ways:

  1. SBI credit card status by application number:

Those who do not have their application number handy will first have to retrieve or track SBI credit card application number, and if you have it handy you can track SBI application instantly. Follow the steps below to do both:

  1. Enter
  2. Click the ‘Credit Cards’ tab
  3. Locate “Track Application” link for SBI credit card tracking and click on it.
  4. New page will display two options:
    1. Track Application
    2. Retrieve Application

If you know your application number click ‘Track Application’ and then enter application number and click ‘Track’. Your SBI credit card status will be displayed as: in process, approved/rejected, or dispatched.

  1. If you don’t know your application number, fill the ‘Retrieve Application’ section. Enter the date of birth and PAN number and click Retrieve. You will get your SBI card number details with the application
  2. SBI credit card status check through Airway Bill number: You can also run a status check by airway bill number. You can do this only after the credit card is approved and you receive a letter containing the Air Way bill number of the shipment that will deliver your credit card to you. You can then use this Air Way bill number to track your credit card with the steps below:
  3. Visit the SBI website
  4. Select ‘Track your credit card’
  5. On the new page you are redirected to, you can enter the Air Way bill number for SBI credit card tracking status
  6. After the number is verified, you can track SBI card dispatch details including credit card shipment location and the delivery date
  7. SBI credit card application tracking by date of birth

This method for SBI credit card application track can be done by using the official website of the bank or via downloading and using SBI app on your mobile phone. Steps to do that are:

  1. Select ‘Track your credit’
  2. Enter your date of birth
  3. Click submit
  4. SBI credit card details of status will be displayed

Please note that for this process also you need SBI credit card registration. Once you register you can also enjoy many other SBI credit card benefits online

SBI credit card status enquiry

SBI credit card enquiry can be for two reasons:

  1. SBI credit card application status enquiry: is the same as SBI credit card application status tracking that we have explained in the sections above
  2. SBI atm card balance enquiry: This can also be done in many ways:
    1. SBI account balance enquiry online in via the credit card website: You have to register for an online account for your credit card. Once you register, you will get a username and password. You will then need to follow the steps mentioned below:
      • Open the SBI card website
      • Log on to your account with username and password
      • Check your balance
    2. Balance check using your phone by:
  • Calling on SBI helpline numbers that we have already mentioned before
  • A missed call to 09223766666
  • Sending SMS ‘BAL’ to 09223766666
  • You can also call the numbers that are mentioned behind your credit card. When you call these helplines, you have to enter your card number first and then follow the automated instructions to hear your credit card balance

About SBI credit card & Benefits

There are many SBI credit card benefits due to these SBI credit card features:

  1. Balance Transfer for lower interest rates: You can transfer the outstanding balances of your other bank credit cards to SBI Card at lower interest rates. You can also turn your credit card transactions into EMIs
  2. Cash Rich: With SBI Card’s ‘encash’ you can get cash up to or above your credit limit for urgent needs with convenient repayment options and one-time service charges
  3. Instant Cash: You can get instant cash with SBI Card’s Easy Money and ATM Cash facilities
  4. Insurance Cover: With your SBI Card, you can select various types of Insurance covers for health needs, accidents, card loss, card theft and much more.
  5. Pay Utility Bill: Quick and easy utility bill payment features like Auto Pay, Register & Pay and Fast Pay.
  6. Anytime, anywhere help: You can access your SBI Card account at the click of a mouse at, SMS facility or the SBI Card application.
  7. Easy payment of SBI credit card bill via Net banking, SBI Card Mobile App called YONO, PayNet, Autodebit and others. Check out the option details here.
  8. One of the biggest benefits come with the SBI Advantage Credit Card. It offers 5X Reward points to you on purchases with departmental and grocery purchases and dining and international transactions. You can get 2 rewards points per 100 that you spend. Purchases of 4 lakhs or 5 lakhs bring you e-gift voucher of 3,000 INR.

For all SBI benefits click here.

Eligibility & Documents

SBI credit card eligibility criteria for Working Individuals Drawing a Salary and Self-Employed People:

  • Minimum age of 21 years and maximum age of 60 years at the time of applying for the card.
  • Credit score must be good with no record of default in payments.
  • Must have a regular monthly minimum income defined by SBI.
  • Must have these documents for credit card SBI:
  • Valid identity proof like PAN Card, Voter’s ID, DL, Aadhaar Card, etc.
  • Valid address proof.
  • Salary slips for the last 2 months
  • Income Tax Returns for the last 2
  • 1 Passport sized photo
  • Any identity proof like PAN, Voter ID, Driving License, Aadhar Passport etc.
  • Proof of Address showing your current residence address.
  • 1 Passport sized photograph

SBI Credit Card Apply Eligibility for Students:

A student:

  • Can have a Fixed Deposit so that credit card can be issued against it.
  • Can use the card of any family member, against which a request for an add-on card can be made for the student.
  • Can have an SBI Savings account with good savings history that will determine the students SBI card limit.
  • Minimum age of 18 years.
  • Have valid documents like:
  • College identity card (undergraduate or postgraduate).
  • Birth certificate.
  • Proof of Residential address.
  • Proof of college admission.
  • Two passport size colour photo.

SBI also has an official SBI credit card eligibility calculator called ‘Simplyfier’ that you can access at:

How to apply for an SBI credit card?

The easiest way is SBI credit card apply online. All you have to do is:

  1. Select your card with the help of SBI credit card eligibility calculator called ‘Simplyfier’.
  2. The Simplyfier will display the card suitable for you with the Apply button. Click on it.
  3. The new page will open the SBI online application form. You have to give the details as shown below:
  •  On the right panel of the above page, there is a Fees drop down menu where you can check out the related card charges and benefits of the card.

  1. After filling all details, click ‘next step’ and another page with more details for next step of the SBI credit card formalities will open as below:

  1. After filling all data, you can instantly proceed by clicking ‘Get Instant Decision’ or take more time and click ‘Save for Later’.
  2. If you click ‘Get Instant Decision’, then documents upload page will open.
  3. Upload the relevant documents and click ‘Submit’.
  4. SBI will get in touch with you later to take the process forward.

You can do an SBI credit card online registration/SBI credit card net banking registration to track your application status.

For more details read out section above on “How to check SBI credit card status online/track application status SBI credit card” above. 

How to do SBI credit card bill payment online?

First, you need to view your SBI credit card statement using your credit card account online with SBI credit card bill view facility. Once you have the amount you have to pay from your SBI credit card bill statement you can pay your SBI credit card bill in these ways:

  • SBI card payment through billdesk: You can pay using SBI payment that is powered by Billdesk. Click here to do that.
  • SBI credit card bill payment through debit card: you can also pay using the debit cards of the following banks to pay your SBI Card bills online:
  • Bank of Maharashtra Debit Card
  • Bank of India ATM-cum-Debit card
  • Canara Bank ATM-cum-Debit Card
  • State Bank of India ATM-cum-Debit Card
  • Citibank Debit Card
  • Indian Overseas ATM-cum-Debit Card
  • SBI credit card bill payment online from another bank: You can use NEFT facility of any of your other bank to pay up. For this, you need to register for Third Party Transfer on the other bank’s net banking.


  1. How to get an SBI credit card?
  2. You can apply for an SBI credit card both online, and by visiting the nearest branch. It is also possible to place a request for a card on the phone.
  3. Which is the best SBI credit card
  4. The best card is determined by your own requirements. You can use the SBI Simplifyer on sbicard.comto know what card suits your best.
  5. How many days are required to get an SBI credit card?
  6. According to SBI official website ( after you have submitted your documents, it can take up to 21 days to process your application and the final approval is based on the documents you have submitted.
  7. What are the eligibility for SBI credit card?
  8. The applicant should be at least 21 and no more than 60 to be able to apply for an SBI credit card.
  9. What are the conditions to apply for SBI credit card?
  10. The applicant should fulfil the age criteria set by the bank to apply for an SBI credit card.
  11. What is the credit limit of SBI credit cards?
  12. The credit limit of an SBI card varies. It is decided by the kind of card and the financial standing of the card holder
  13. How can we cancel an SBI credit card?

An SBI credit card can be cancelled by calling the SBI helpline and placing a request for cancellation. The card will then have to be cut diagonally

  1. Can a student apply for an SBI credit card?
  2. Yes, students can apply for an SBI credit card