How to search Voter ID by Name

The voter ID card is also called as the electoral photo ID card. The voter ID card contains the voter ID number which is unique for every cardholder. The main constituents of a voter ID card are; the name of the cardholder, face photo of the cardholder, date of birth and age. It also contains the signature of the cardholder, a hologram sticker and the stamped signature of the issuing authority. The National Voter Service Portal (NSVP) is one amongst the Government of India’s Digital India Program. One of the important facilities amongst various other facilities, connected to a voter, which NSVP provides is the option of a voter is search by name.

You as a voter can search whether your name is included in the electoral name list (voter list) or not by following these simple steps.

Visit the National Voter Service Portal
Select the option, ‘search your name in the electoral roll’
You will be directed to a page which requires you to enter all basic details, including your name.
Re-enter the security text information in the box beside and click submit.
The NSVP portal also allows you to check your voter id card details by your name.
Follow these simple steps to do that.
Visit the NVSP’s website.
Select the option, Search Your Name in electoral roll listed under National Services.
Click on the 2nd tab to search by EPIC no ( Electoral Photo ID Number)
Enter basic details specific to your Voter’s card, such as – You can also locate the area by using the map on the search page.

The voter list is a comprehensive list which includes the names of voters and other details in a particular constituency. The voter id search by name is the first step followed by voter list by name which enables you to be sure whether you are eligible to vote or not. It would be beneficial to search your name in the voter list, well in advance, to avoid the possibility of not being allowed to vote, due to non-availability of your name in the voter list.

The process of verifying your voter card by name is extremely important as India has a number of political parties vying for a seat in the country and each party will try its best to gain the maximum number of votes. There are times when unsavoury methods are used that compromise the integrity of elections.

Hence before you vote, it will be beneficial to check whether your name is there in the voter list, by searching your name on the voter list, either offline or online. Followed by verifying whether the details printed on the voter id card are correct or not.

Searching for your voter id by giving your correct name eliminates the possibility of a fake voter id being created in your name.