Step by step guide to complete your EPF India login

EPFO, also known as Employee Provident Funds Organisation is an organization that serves the employers as well as their employees. It has been an offline procedure for decades until the government brought it online recently. You can now place all you provident-fund related requests with the help of the EPFO Portal. All these facilities have been possible by the implementation of UAN(Universal Account Number).

Why log in to EPFO Member Portal?

The EPFO portal not only has all the functions but also all information about EPF which makes it quite a useful tool. Hence, to learn EPF India login is necessary! Here are some of the things that you can do after completing online PF login.

  • PF Balance Inquiry
  • UAN Activation
  • UAN Passbook
  • How to Transfer PF Funds
  • Download UAN Passbook
  • Check UAN status online
  • Check Online PF Status

Steps to complete EPF Account Login:

This is an easy procedure and only needs you to have a stable internet connection and the right documents. You will also need to have and information like PF Account Number handy, as it is required for registration. The following steps need to be followed to log into the EPFO Member Portal.

  • Visit the online EPF portal on the website:
  • Complete your registration on the Member Portal.  Click on the link “Member Portal” under the category “FOR EMPLOYEES” on the Home page of EPFO website.  Fill in the details on the main page
  • Please ensure that you have entered the correct document type because you will need to log into this portal in the future using the same details that are being provided

For Example: If you want to register on the portal using your PAN, you need to select the PAN Number in the tab ‘Select Any One Document’ and type in your PAN Card number.

  • After you’ve correctly entered all and details and documents, you can now log into the EPFO member portal
  • Please re-check the details before you click on Submit
  • After submitting your details, you will get an authorisation PIN
  • You then need to enter the authorisation PIN, following which, your registration will be completed

The EPFO member portal at the website- provides all services related to your Employee Provident Fund (EPF) account. Online PF login India will enable you to check your PF account details online by accessing the online Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Account Passbook. The portal does away with the need to await offline EPF receipts for knowing your current EPF member balance. The website is convenient in that you can log into the member portal at any time by registering your details, following which you can easily view all your accounts online.