Checking the EPF Member balance on EPFO portal

The EPF member balance is the amount in the account and can only be withdrawn totally either on retirement or death of the member. A Unique Account Number (UAN) is allocated to each member on registration with the EPFO. This number will last until retirement. If you change jobs, you need to update the new employer details and have amounts transferred to the same account.

Why should we check the EPF balance?

The answer is that the EPF member balance is your retirement fund. Knowing the balance will help you check and decide if you need to save more for the future. Also you will also be able to:

  • Check the employer’s contribution on a monthly basis
  • Check the Employee Pension Scheme EPS contribution which is 8.33% of the amount deducted and whether it is in the EPF member balance
  • Chek the ESIC details

After all one saves to have enough to retire with! Checking the EPF member balance ensures that you know your financial position

Methods to check EPF member balance (H2)

Many older methods were being used to get the EPF member balance. Technological developments have now been incorporated, and all older systems discontinued. The newly unified portal  includes the ESIC Employee Insurance Scheme details also. It has now cross-linked Aadhaar number, mobile number, personal details, PAN etc. If you do not have a UAN number visit your EPF  and obtain one.

The UAN system of checking your EPF member balance.

With the introduction of the unified EPFO portal, you are now required to visit the EPFO or register for a UAN allotment to get your Unique Account Number UAN.

  • Your username and password for the first login will be provided
  • Log in to website
  • Log in using your UAN and password to activate
  • Enter captcha code as it appears
  • Reset your password when prompted

Normally it takes 3 to 4 days for activation. Once activated, the EPF member needs to log in with his UAN and password to check his EPF account which is similar to online bank accounts.

Using UAN and password, you can log into your account and use the following services:

    • You can set monthly updates by SMS to get EPF balance SMS


  • Download your EPF passbook from which you can get member balance information, pf balance member balance, UAN member portal passbook, member claims EPFO, EPFO member balance information, online PF balance


  • Check your details and service history.
  • Check your epf member balance and your contribution
  • Check employers contribution
  • Submit a requisition for a claim
  • Update KYC details
  • Check ESIC details

That’s how simple and interactive it is to get your EPF member balance using the UAN