EPF passbook online to check your balance easily

EPF is commonly called the PF which is a retirement benefits scheme that is available for salaried employees. EPF stands for Employees Provident Fund. Here we are solving the problem of finding the balance of your EPF and accessing the passbook easily.

The Employees Provident Fund Organisation has enabled an e-passbook facility for you check your EPF balance. This is available on the EPFO website, and you can even download the statements for different purposes. The facility helps to download and access your passbook multiple times in a month. Let’s see how to easily access the passbook using this online facility.

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Steps included:

  1. Login to the EPFO website: You can simply log in at http://members.epfoservices.in or simply google EPFO to access the site
  1. Register on the EPFO portal: The registration is a simple process in which you don’t even need to create a username or password. Use your mobile number and follow the steps mentioned below. EPF passbook registration is necessary to complete your steps.
  2. Mention your mobile number and date of birth: Your mobile number and date birth need to be entered in this step. You must also use one of your Identity cards to register.
  3. Obtaining the PIN and confirming: After adding the details mentioned, you need to confirm your mobile number using the PIN that is sent to your mobile. Confirm your PIN on the portal.
  4. Log in using the document and mobile number: Confirmation of your mobile number helps to log in using the document and mobile number
  5. Select the download e-passbook: The download e-passbook option is selected from the next page that appears. This will direct you to another page.
  6. Enter the required details: You have to enter the specific details of your PF office and other details required. Details like company PF code and employee name are to be added to corresponding fields.
  7. Click on Get PIN and confirm: After the completion of the last step, you have to confirm the transaction with a PIN
  8. Get your e-passbook from the portal after 3 working days: The online method is the easiest and quickest method. But it still takes around 3 working days for the process to complete. After the three days, you can see your EPF passbook details.

The EPF member passbook can easily be accessed through online method mentioned above. The method helps you to have the EPF passbook check all by yourself.

Using the online facilities, it is now easy to do everything online. The PF balance passbook is available for your benefit and can be easily accessed. The portal is secure, fast and easy to use and can help you access you provident fund passbook from anywhere.