EPF Online Withdrawal Process with UAN

If you have an EPF, you should preferably withdraw it after your retirement. However, there is also a provision to withdraw/claim it earlier, completely or partially. The EPFO has declared EPF online withdrawal using your UAN mandatory for claims of over Rs 10 lakh from the EPF employee portal. Anything less than that you can physically claim by visiting the local EPF office. The online option has made the claim process much smarter, faster and smoother by using your PF UAN No.

Conditions for PF withdrawal before retirement

You can completely withdraw your Provident Fund before your retirement only when you are two months or more unemployed. This must be certified by a gazetted officer. Part withdrawal is allowed only under certain specified situations and conditions. Read about these here (link to a similar page in the client portal, if any). Other than these conditions, Provident Fund withdrawal is illegal.

Pre-requisites to PF withdrawal using UAN


Before EPF online withdrawal your UAN must be activated/registered and also seeded with your Aadhaar, PAN and bank account. You can check your UAN status at https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ on the tab ‘Know your UAN Status‘ before you make an online application for PF withdrawal. The mobile number used for registering the UAN must also be accessible for Provident Fund withdrawal.


Steps for EPF online withdrawal with PF UAN No.


Online PF withdrawal is done on the EPFO UAN portal, where you can easily check PF withdrawal status as well.


Here are the steps to follow:


1: Open the EPFO UAN portal: https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/

2: Login using your PF UAN no. and password.


  1. Click on ‘Manage’ tab.
  2. Select KYC to check your KYC details.  


  1. On ‘Online Services’ tab select ‘Claim form’ drop down menu.


  1. ‘Claim’ screen will show member, KYC and other service details.
  2. Click ‘Proceed for Online Claim’ tab for the claim form. Select relevant claim form (depending on the condition that applies to you to make you eligible for the claim) under ‘I Want To Apply For’ tab. If you are not eligible for any services/claim, then this option will not display for you.
  3. Fill the form, authenticate using Aadhaar OTP on registered mobile.


EPF online withdrawal claim status

You can check PF withdrawal status on ‘Track Claim Status’ tab, under ‘Online Services’ menu. When the EPF online withdrawal process is complete, the PF amount is credited to directly to your bank account.

Benefits of EPF online withdrawal with PF UAN no.

The PF UAN no. saves you the troublesome process of getting hold of certificates, forms, approvals, attestations from your previous employer’s and other cumbersome paperwork. It empowers you and allows self-certification. For details, click here (link to a similar page in the client portal, if any).

You also do not have to physically visit any PF office or post anything to process the claim. This process of using your UAN account also helps you easily track the PF withdrawal claim status. Finally, with this process, the claim amount is credited directly to your bank account.