PF deduction rules under Form 19

The PF form 19 helps the employee to withdraw their provident funds. With the help of some simple steps, the PF withdrawal form 19 and 10c help the users to avail their amount after a certain tenure with the help of UAN. This can be carried out with the help of Form 19 download and certain procedure. Listed below are the basic things one needs to consider before going ahead with PF claim form 19.

Documents required for PF withdrawal

Here are the necessary documents that are required while filling the employee provident fund form 19:

  • Form 19 (for EPF withdrawal)
  • Form 10c (for EPS withdrawal)
  • A blank cancelled cheque (this is required to ensure that account number and IFS Code are clearly visible). The cheque should be of the employee as a single account holder and not a joint account cheque.

How to fill Form 19:

There are a total of two pages in the PF withdrawal form 19 that require people to fill in their required details as follows. To avoid any rejection claims, it is mandatory to share all the correct details while filling in the form:

  • Mobile Number – Fill in the mobile number at the top of the Form 19.
  • Name –  Fill in the name. Make sure it doesn’t differ from all the already existing records.
  • PF Account Number and UAN Number – Be very careful in filling out the PF number in right format. Any mistake and your claim will be rejected.
  • Address – This is the address where you will receive any communication from EPFO.

The employees are also given a provision for Form 10c and Form 19 download.

Confirm then claim status

Once the Form 19 application is forwarded to the epf office by the employer, a person can claim status on epfo website. The user will also receive a sms from epfo stating that the application for PF withdrawal is received and is under process.