Locate Aadhaar enrollment Center near you

With an aim to make lives easier, even the application for relevant documents like aadhaar card has now become easy. If aadhaar card center near your location does not allow applying for aadhaar registration online, you can also walk in to any nearby card center, without prior appointment. Finding an aadhaar enrolment center is uncomplicated, and the process has become all the way more convenient and painless.

Steps to find nearest aadhaar card centers

To avail numerous welfare schemes by the government, all you need to do is visit an aadhaar card center near you and follow some elementary steps.


 Given below are a few steps to find the right one as per the location:

  • Visit the official UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) portal online. 

  • Search one option out the three: State, Pin code, Search Box to look up the aadhaar card centers near you.

  • For ‘State’, follow the following procedure:

  • Select the state you are in.

  • Select the district.

  • Select a sub district. For example if you are looking for aadhaar enrolment centers in Bangalore, you can then look for the enrolment centers in North Bangalore or South Bangalore. Similarly, the aadhaar card centers in Hyderabad, aadhaar card centres in South Delhi, aadhaar card enrolment center in Pune, aadhaar enrolment center in Mumbai, and other districts and sub districts can be tracked down with zero difficulty level.

  • Select the correct VTC (Village Town City).

  • Type in the verification code, which is mandatory for the security purposes and go ahead with your search.

  • For ‘Pin Code’, type the pin code of your permanent residence/current location. Add the verification code and continue looking for the suitable centre as per your convenience.

  • For the ‘Search Box’, type the search box number and enter the verification code. Click the search button to go ahead with the procedure.

These basic steps are all you need to get the list of numerous aadhaar card enrolment centres. From centers in Delhi to the centers in, or from the aadhaar card centers in Mumbai to the ones in Pune, the list will show you the required results to choose from, along with the details of the point of contact at the aadhaar card Kendra near you.

Aadhaar enrolment update centers in banks/post offices


You can also update at the official aadhaar card centers at banks, if unable to find any other center. Follow the steps given below to locate the nearest one:

  • Visit the official UIDAI portal online to find out the nearest enrolment & update center in banks & post offices.  

  • Select the Enrolment & update centers in banks & post offices under aadhaar online services panel.

  • The search criteria will be the same as all centers. Follow the same procedure and get the list of the required aadhaar card enrolment centres.

Not only does this help in easy enrolment processes, but also makes the aadhaar card modification simpler.