PF Check with Account Number to Know Your Balance.

Introduction: If you have an Employee Provident Fund (EPF) account, you must periodically check your PF account details. This is necessary to keep track of how much is accumulating as your retirement savings.

If you have been thinking “how do I check my EPF balance amount?” one of the most convenient methods is an EPF balance check online. This can be done in various ways, and one of them is by using your PF account number. Though using the UAN (Universal Account Number) is the preferred method for EPF balance check online, it involves registering/activating the UAN. Just in case you haven’t registered your UAN, you can use your PF account number instead.

How to get your PF account number?

Usually, you should find this number on your payslip. If not, you can get it from your company HR. Also, do check whether the number is in the new or old format so that you can do a correct PF amount check. The new format has been introduced because EPFO is digitising its processes. This format comes with a revised PF establishment code for employers. You can check for with an Establishment Search on the link: how to do an establishment search on this link:

Steps for an EPF check with the account number

Once you have got the correct PF number follow the steps below for a PF check using it:

  1. Login to the EPFO portal page:
  2. Access the link: “Click Here to Know your EPF Balance”
  3. This will lead to the page
  4. Search for the “Member Balance Information” section
  5. Choose the State you belong to
  6. Select this State
  7. Select the EPFO office relevant to you. Click on your EPFO office link
  8. Enter your Employee PF Account Number (mandatory), followed by your name and your registered mobile number
  9. Click ‘Submit’ and view your EPF Balance


To run an EPF check, you can also directly access your regional EPF office website.

You can locate it at Then follow the steps below to run EPF check with your PF account number:

  1. Open the relevant EPF page. For instance, this is the page for Gurgaon residents:
  2. Carefully read the section ‘Note’ at the bottom of the new page
  3. Enter your PF Account Number with your state code
  4. Enter your name as it appears on your PF slip
  5. Enter your registered mobile number
  6. Click ‘Submit & Get EPF Balance’ to view your EPF Balance

Benefits of using account number for PF check

Your account number comes handy when you don’t have a UAN number; either because you have not received it from your employers, or you have not activated/registered it.