How to Know Your PF Claim Status?

As an employee of any company you will have a Provident Fund account that is maintained by both you and your employer. This will work as an investments fund account that will require both parties to contribute a 12% share of your basic pay into this account every month.

You can claim the funds invested in your PF at the time of your retirement or you can even choose to withdraw a partial amount of it while still being employed; subjected to a few terms and conditions.

Now, whether you have made a claim to withdraw the complete amount or a partial sum of your PF it is important that you are updated on your PF claim status. Thanks to the advancements in technology you no longer have to wait in anticipation for your PF you can do a PF status check online easily through 3 simple sources.

Check your PF claim status through the EPFO member Portal

  • Visit the EPFO member portal website
  • Under the ‘Our Services’ tab on the navigation bar click on ‘For Employees’
  • At the bottom left side of the page under the ‘Service” section, click on ‘Know Your Claim Status’
  • Enter your UAN number and the captcha
  • Once you hit enter you’ll get a list of member ID’s against your UAN
  • Once you select the ID which you’ve made a claim against, your PF claim status will be displayed.

Check Online PF status via EPFO unified portal for members:

  • Visit the EPFO member portal here
  • Enter your UAN number and password
  • At the top of the page under Online Services, click on ‘Track Claim Status’
  • You’ll be able to view your PF claim status

Make PF status check online through EPFO website:

  • Visit the EPFO website –
  • Click on the tab ‘Click Here for Knowing the Claim Status’.
  • Select the state where your PF office is located
  • Select the EPF office where your claim is to be settled from the list of EPFO offices that appear on the screen, this will automatically populate the Office Code and Region Code
  • Enter the establishment code in the 3rd box
  • Fill in the extension or sub-code for the establishment code in the 4th box. If you do not have these you can leave the field blank
  • Enter your 7 digit account number in the last box and then click submit
  • Your PF claim status will now be visible


How long will my PF claim take to be settled?

The standard time for your PF amount to be credited to your bank account is 10 days

How can I get my PF claim amount early?

In order to get your PF claim amount early, you should comply with the below-mentioned conditions:

You need to apply for your PF claim at

You should have your UAN

Your UAN should be seeded with your Aadhaar number and bank account.

Your e-KYS should be approved and verified by your current employer

It’s been more than 10 days and I have not received my PF Amount, What can I Do?

If you have not received your PF claim within the statutory time frame, you can also lodge a grievance here.