Steps to do PF Online Payment

While working for a company an employee is entitled to a PF, a contribution made by both the employer and employee for the entire term of employment. Once the employment comes to an end the employee is entitled to his full PF amount. A person can either withdraw his PF amount subjected to a few conditions or do a PF transfer to his new employer’s account.


Earlier the procedure to do a pf transfer was long and elaborate, now the EPFO has made online PF transfer possible. The EPFO launched a UAN (Universal Account Number) that links a member to a particular PF account and makes online PF transfer possible when the member changes employers.  If you have a UAN you can follow the below steps to transfer your PF, if you don’t have a UAN, you can get it from your previous employer.

Steps Involved in making an Online PF transfer:

1) Visit the EPFO member portal here and login using your UAN number and password. If you don’t remember your password, you can click on the ‘forgot password’ link and reset your password.

2) Once you get to the homepage on the top right side click on ‘Transfer Request’

3) You will then be taken to the Transfer Request’ page, verify all your personal, including PF account number, UAN, date of joining with the PF, birth date, and Aadhaar number. All these details should match with each other, only then with the pf transfer claim application be processed online.

4) You will then need to fill in your previous PF account number or UAN.

5)  Once you have filled in all the details click on ‘Get OTP’

6) Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number and click on Submit.


The employer which you have chosen will receive a notification regarding your online EPF transfer application. Your employer will forward it online to the Employees Provident Fund Organisation where your claim application will be processed by the EPFO.


Why you should Online PF Transfer and not Withdraw?

Since PF stands for the provident fund which means funds for the future, it is advisable to transfer your pf balance to a new company rather than withdraw it. Here are a few reasons why online PF balance transfer is better than withdrawal:

  • Withdrawing your PF amount before 5 years makes your PF balance taxable
  • Interest on your PF balance is compounded annually, this amount is added to your principal balance, choosing to withdraw your PF account will enable you to lose out on this.
  • You can make a partial withdrawal for medical, construction, or marriage.


Gone are the day’s that you would need to fill up long forms and run from pillar to post get your PF transfer. The advancements of the EPFO has really made transferring PF easy, all you need is your activated UAN. Learn how to activate your UAN here.