Everything about TATA AIG two wheeler insurance

Nowadays the traffic conditions have made driving riskier than ever before. Car travelling takes much time than bike and car parking is another headache for car owners. A two wheeler is far more sensible choice because it has a quick mobility and convenience for travelling within the city. However a two-wheeler cannot guarantee your safety.

Features & Benefits of Tata AIG Two Wheeler Insurance

Tata AIG bike Insurance provides all-round protection to you and your vehicle in case any untoward incident takes place. There is a unique set of features and benefits accompanying this two wheeler insurance which sets it apart from the others available in the market.

  • It covers you for any damage caused to your vehicle, arising due to fire & allied perils or due to an accident.
  • Tata AIG Two Wheeler Insurance features Third Party Legal Liability, which basically covers you for any legal liability which may arise due to loss or damage to life or property of a third party.
  • Enjoy a special discount (No Claim Bonus) for a claim free experience.
  • In the event of an accident, depreciation for parts which require to be replaced shall be calculated at a predefined rate.
  • No deduction shall be made on the count of Salvage value.
  • Enjoy the convenience of making direct payments at multiple garages which support Direct Payment facility (only at limited locations).
  • Enjoy swift Claim Settlement process
  • You can contact the 24×7 customer support center if you have any queries regarding your two-wheeler insurance.
  • Tata AIG has introduced the Auto Secure – Two wheeler long term policy which offers you coverage for two or three years, based on your requirement. However, this policy is only available for vehicles that are less than 5 years old. The key advantages of this long-term policy are as follows:
  • There will be considerable savings on premium, as you will be immune to the annual changes in policy premiums.
  • There is no need to face the hassle of policy renewal every year.
  • The long-term policy also provides you NCB protection.

Tata AIG Two Wheeler Insurance Coverage

The Tata AIG Auto Secure policy covers:

  • For any loss or damage caused to your vehicle.
  • For any Third Party Legal Liability arising out of the accident and resulting in loss/damage to life or property of any third party.

The Tata AIG Auto Secure policy includes:

  • Protection of vehicle from natural calamities and malicious damages.
  •  Liability coverage to protect against death or property damages to third-party.
  • Personal accident covers of Rs.1 lakh.
  • Personal accident covers to pillion riders, apart from the insured driver. This coverage is a sum of Rs.2,00,000.

Tata AIG Two Wheeler Insurance Coverage Exclusions

The insurance company shall not be liable to provide cover in the event of any of the following taking place:

  • Any liability and/or loss or damage caused to the vehicle outside the geographical area specified in the policy.
  • Any claim arising due to a contractual liability.
  • Any damage / loss sustained or liability incurred while:
  • The insured vehicle being driven / used outside the limitations specified in the policy; OR
  • The insured vehicle being driven by any person other than the driver as stated in the Driver’s Clause.
  • Any loss / damage / liability which is caused / incurred or contributed due to nuclear weapons material.
  • Any loss / damage caused / expense incurred due to damage to property resulting from any consequential loss.
  • Any damage / loss / liability arising directly or indirectly from radioactive contamination or ionizing radiations from any nuclear fuel or nuclear waste left over from the combustion of nuclear fuel.
  • Any accidental loss / damage / liability arising due to invasion, hostilities, war or warlike operations, civil war, military / usurped power, mutiny rebellion, acts of foreign enemies, or events arising out of any direct or indirect consequences of any of the above mentioned occurrences.

Exclusions to the Tata AIG Auto Secure – Two wheeler long term policy are specified below:

  • The policy will not cover for risks when the vehicle is used for racing or speed testing.
  • The coverage does not include the risks due to the use of the vehicle outside India.
  • All types of wear and tear, consequential loss, or mechanical or electrical breakdown will not be covered.
  • War and nuclear perils are not covered by the policy.

TATA AIG Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal Online

It is very important to renew your two wheeler insurance in time to enjoy all the features and benefits of it. TATA AIG’s online portal has made the renewal process very easy and hassle free. You can renew your insurance through portal following some simple steps.

  • Log on to the TATA AIG’s official portal.
  • Enter your existing policy number along with your Client Identification Number
  • Enter your the two wheeler registration number
  • Enter your registered email id and mobile number
  • Now you need to enter your source of income.
  • Make all your payments towards the premium using any mode of payment.
  • Policy renewal is done.
  • You will get a digitally signed copy of your policy on your phone and email id.
  • You can download or print the policy for your reference from the personal dashboard

How to Buy TATA AIG bike Insurance Online?

Buying TATA AIG Two Wheeler Insurance is very easy through its online portal.

  • Log on to the company’s official portal
  • Click on ‘buy now’ option
  • Select two wheeler insurance
  • The ‘premium calculation’ page will occur
  • Select the correct information required for the premium amount calculation from the drop down list
  • Once the calculation is done, you will get the final amount to be paid
  • Click on ‘buy the policy’ to proceed with the transaction
  • Choose your mode of payment and pay the amount
  • Your have successfully bought your insurance policy.
  • You will get the soft copy of policy papers to your mail id and phone number.

Scooting around the city can be unsafe at times and lead you to trouble. Don’t worry; you just need a correct insurance plan. TATA AIG two wheeler insurance offers financial support against all kinds of damages caused to you and your bike as well as another individual, vehicle or property. Two wheeler insurance plans give coverage for natural disasters as well as man-made disasters.