Apply & Track your HDFC Credit Card by the click of a button

From planning your international holidays in advance, to buying a new car or being your support pillar in times of emergency, a credit card always comes to one’s rescue. An HDFC credit card is acclaimed to be one of the most flexible and versatile credit cards offered today.

Why Should You Opt For An HDFC Credit Card?

The lifestyle, tastes and likes of an individual differs from the other. This is where an HDFC credit card comes into the picture. With a wide array of credit cards, you can choose the one that best fits your needs & requirements, lifestyle and of course your likes.

  • Super premium cards – ideal for international luxury travel, dining, lounge visits and shopping
  • Co-brand cards – This card is to help you enjoy additional benefits of shopping with your favourite brands.
  • Professional cards – Best suited for professionals like doctors and teachers
  • Premium travel – For all the travel enthusiasts
  • Premium women – Brings in benefits like shopping vouchers, reward points and more
  • Premium – Diners club
  • Regular Credit card – reward points on every spending and more
  • Commercial card – Business cards
  • Cashback cards – To enjoy cash back on every spending

How to Apply for the HDFC Credit Card

  1. Online: Visit the official website to fill in the form
    • Fill in some basic details like your name, address, income, whether you are salaried or self-employed and if you have any dependents etc.
    • Upload documents for proof of residence, age and income
  2. Walk into any branch and fill the Credit Card application form

When you apply for an HDFC credit card online, the bank starts the processing activity right away. You will receive a confirmation SMS stating the reference number and application number. This is as more like an acknowledgement of your HDFC credit card application.

How to Check HDFC Bank Credit Card Application Status?

Unlike the yesteryears when carrying cash everywhere was a mandated requirement of life; today the dependency has shifted more towards the electronic mode of payment. The use of Debit & Credit Cards has taken over the traditional Cash transactions. Today, applying for a Credit Card is as easy as buying Grocery from the nearby Departmental store. Like all the other banks, HDFC Bank Credit Card also can be applied through the official bank website. Not only the applying but also the tracking of the Credit Card application status, all of it can be done online.

Once you have applied for the card, the best way to check the status of your HDFC credit card is to check online at Your HDFC bank credit card application status can be checked using either one of the following information –

  1. Application Reference Number
  2. Application form no
  3. Mobile number
  4. Date of birth.

Alternatively, you could also check your Credit Card Status by calling on the HDFC credit card status enquiry number; it is a toll-free number 18002664332 which you can dial from any part of the country.

When you check the status of your HDFC bank credit card application, you will receive either of the following statuses:

  1. no records found
  2. on-hold
  3. disapproved
  4. dispatched
  5. in the process

Let’s look at what each of these terms actually stands for:

  • ‘In process’ means that the bank is still processing your application and reviewing certain facts and that it may take a few days for them to finalize whether the card should be Approved or Rejected
  • ‘Dispatched’, means the card has been approved and is on its way for Home Delivery. In this case, you will receive a message from the bank stating the Airway bill number so that tracking the Credit Card becomes easier for you
  • A ‘Disapproved’ status clearly states that your application has been Rejected due to some reason. You may receive an SMS from the bank stating that the card has been ‘Disapproved’ however the reason may or may not be mentioned in that message. You can contact the HDFC Credit Card Status Enquiry number and find out the actual reason for rejection
  • If your application status reads ‘On-hold’, it means that the bank is looking for some more information, which would not have been provided by you during the submission of the Credit card application. You may receive a call or email from the Bank asking for further clarification
  • If your Credit Card application status says ‘No records found’ it means that either you have not filled in the correct details like the Reference number or the Mobile number, or it states that the application has some missing information. In such a situation, you may want to call the Customer Service number to inquire about the same

Checking HDFC Bank Credit Card Application Status Online

Checking your HDFC Credit card application status online is a very hassle-free and convenient process.

Below mentioned are the Steps to Check Your HDFC Credit Card Application Status.

  1. Using your Credit Card Application Reference Number or Application Form Number
  2. Using your Mobile Number
  3. Using your Date of Birth

If you wish to track your HDFC bank credit card status via the Application Number or the Reference Number, then follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Visit the official website
  • Under the products category, you will find a tab for “Credit Cards” – click on that.
  • Once you are at the Credit Cards page, click on “Track your Credit Card application status”
  • Another page would open up ( which will ask you to enter your Reference Number or Mobile Number
  • Enter your 16-digit Application reference number which was the number sent to you along with the confirmation message
  • After entering the accurate Application Reference Number, click on Submit and wait till the website shows you the status of your Credit Card application

You can also check your HDFC bank credit card online status by entering the Application form number. Generally, people get confused between the Reference Number and the Application form number.

The Application reference number consists of 16 digits generated by the system when you fill in all your details for the Credit card Application and hit the enter button. You need to make a note of this number, as it is not sent to you via email or SMS.

Checking HDFC Bank Credit Card Application Status Through Your Mobile Number

It is easy to track your application on the HDFC website. Ideally, when you apply for the credit card, a SMS is sent to you by the bank notifying the application reference number and the application number. It is important for you to keep this information handy at all times for quick tracking.

Important Information you need to check status of your credit card

  • The application reference number
  • The application number
  • Registered mobile Number – An OTP will be sent to this number for verification purposes
  • Date of Birth

You may track the status of your HDFC Credit Card application using mobile number option. This has to be the same mobile number that was given during the submission of the online application form.

  • Visit
  • Click on the Credit Card tab to visit the Credit Cards page
  • Once you are on the Credit Card page, click on “Track Credit Card Application” tab.
  • Here, it will prompt two options – either you are required the Reference details
  • Since you choose to use your Mobile number for tracking purpose, enter that in the column given
  • You will then receive an SMS from the HDFC Bank stating the OTP on your registered mobile number. Hence, you should always remember to keep the mobile handy with you
  • Once you enter the OTP in the given slot, and the verification is done successfully, the system will fetch for the relevant information and give out your HDFC Credit Card application status

Checking HDFC Bank Credit Card Status through Air Way Bill Number

As the bank approves your credit card, a letter is sent to your registered address. This letter contains the information about the shipment’s Air Way bill number that is carrying the credit card.

If you have checked the status of your HDFC Credit Card application online, and you’ve found the status report saying “Dispatched”; it means very clearly that your much awaited HDFC Credit Card has been approved by the bank and has been sent to your address. However, tracking the delivery status is also imperative. What if the courier person reaches your house in your absence and there is no one to receive the Credit Card? The packet will then be returned and retrieving the returned packet is again going to be a task. Hence, it becomes a good idea to immediately track the status of the dispatched packet as well. The moment the Card is approved and sent for dispatch, you will receive an SMS from the bank stating the shipment’s Air Way bill number. You may immediately track your hdfc credit card status tracking using mobile number.

  • Simply log in to
  • Click on ‘Track your credit card’ tab.
  • The system prompts you to enter your Airway bill number
  • Instantly you will be given the exact location of your Credit Card and also the approximate delivery time

HDFC Bank Credit Card Status Enquiry

HDFC Credit Card Status enquiry can be done in several ways. It is important for you to keep details about your application reference number, application number, date of birth and registered mobile number handy for quick resolutions. Here’s a look at the different options by which the status can be checked.

  1. Toll Free Number for credit cards query: The HDFC Bank credit card enquiry number is 18002664332
  2. Query/feedback form available on the website: The query/feedback form can be accessed at
  3. You can also write to the HDFC bank

For all the Courier Related query, you may write to the
Manager, HDFC Bank Cards Division,# 8, Lattice Bridge Road, Thiruvanmiyur,
Chennai – 600 041

For all the Regular Post related query, you may write to the
Manager, HDFC Bank Cards Division, PO BOX # 8654
Thiruvanmiyur PO Chennai – 600 041

  1. Lastly, you may also visit the nearest HDFC bank branch to you. Visit the HDFC website and click on the “Locate us” tab. Here, you will find all the information about the branch and ATM. You may also visit the direct link to locate HDFC branch and ATM at

Once you have contacted the HDFC credit cards division, you will receive a response within 10 business working days.

Checking HDFC Bank Credit Card Application Status Offline

The HDFC bank website is simplified for the convenience and comfort of the customers. You may have applied for the HDFC Bank Credit Card online that does not mean that checking the status / tracking your Credit Card application can only be done through an online method. For any reason, if you do not have access to the internet, or don’t have your laptop handy or its one of those days when you have exhausted your Data pack on your mobile – don’t worry; Online is not the only option. The HDFC Bank credit card status enquiry can be done offline too. Here are a few ways by which you can track your credit card and check for the status.

  • Call the toll free number 18002664332
  • Always keep your details ready before you call.
    • Application Reference number
    • the application form number
    • your mobile number
    • your date of birth
  • Once the details are authenticated, the representative will instantly track your Credit Card application and provide you with the exact status of your Credit card
  • You could also visit the nearest HDFC bank branches to track your application status. Visit the link  to locate the nearest branch to you. The address and contact information will be displayed for your convenience

HDFC Bank Credit Card Tracking By Date Of Birth

There can be situations where you might not have the application reference number or the application number handy. This is where, you may use your date of birth and registered mobile number to track the status of your credit card.

Date of birth is also a unique identity of an individual and generally used for tracking applications or authentication purposes as well. Similar to using your mobile number or Reference number, using your date of birth you may also track the HDFC Bank credit card application status. The process is very simple.

  • Visit to track your credit card application
  • You will be prompted to enter your Date of Birth. It is the third section. The other two being the application reference number and the application number. Since, you wish to track your application status with your date of birth, enter it in the section mentioned. Always remember to enter the same credentials as used at the time of applying for the credit card
  • Enter the registered mobile number. This number should be the same that you had mentioned in your credit card application
  • Once you enter the details, the system will take few seconds to validate the details entered.
  • The progress of your application will be pulled out for your reference

How Do You Register For HDFC Bank’s Credit Card Net Banking?

If you already are an HDFC Bank account holder, you can get your HDFC Credit Card Net Banking registration done by following these simple steps:

  • You need to login into your HDFC account NetBanking using your customer ID and PIN number and register your Credit Card free of charge
  • Once you log in, on the homepage, you will see a “Credit Card” tab, click on that
  • All you need to do is add your new card details to your existing bank account, by clicking on the ‘Register New Card’ tab
  • Fill in the credit card details like credit card number, expiry date, credit card ATM PIN etc. and click on ‘Submit’

Benefits of Netbanking 

  • Access all your credit card details with great convenience
  • View your Credit card available balance anytime without waiting for the monthly statement to arrive in your inbox
  • Keep a tab of your expenditure, this way you don’t tend to overspend
  • Pay online using your HDFC Bank account itself, and you would not need to pay any extra taxes for that
  • If your busy work schedule does not allow you to keep a tab on your monthly bills and their payment cycles, you could also link your bill payments to your HDFC Credit Card and they could be paid via your HDFC Credit Card without any botheration to you
  • Check your earned reward points time and again. HDFC credit card enables you to earn reward points on every transaction done on the card
  • Redemption of the earned reward points whenever required
  • Store up to six months Credit card statements in your Netbanking account in case you need it for future reference


How can I track my HDFC Bank credit card application status?

HDFC Bank Credit Card application status can be tracked in multiple ways. You could either choose to check the status online on the HDFC official website or you could also go the offline way by either calling our HDFC Credit Card Status Enquiry number or visit our nearest HDFC Bank Branch. Whichever method you choose to track your application, there are a few mandate details that you need to keep handy –

  • date of birth
  • Application form number
  • Mobile number
  • Application reference number

How can I know if my HDFC Bank credit card application is approved/rejected?

Once you have filled in the required details in the HDFC Credit Card Application form, the bank will verify all those details. Once the verification process is over, the bank will declare whether the Credit Card is “Rejected” or “Approved”. If your Credit Card is “Approved” by the HDFC Bank, then you will receive a confirmation of the same via an email or SMS from the bank.

What is Air Way Bill number?

Once your HDFC Credit Card application is approved by the bank, the credit card will be sent for dispatch. Parallel, you will receive an SMS from the Bank stating the Airway Bill number for the shipment that is carrying the Credit Card. The shipment can be tracked using the Airway Bill number and find the exact location of the card.

How can I make HDFC Bank credit card bill payment offline?

Visit the nearest HDFC Bank branch to make the HDFC Bank Credit Card payment by cheque or cash.

Do I need to have an HDFC Bank account to get an HDFC Bank credit card?

It is not pre-requisite to be an HDFC Bank account holder to be able to apply for an HDFC Bank Credit Card. You could have an account in any bank and still choose to opt for our HDFC Bank Credit Card.