How To Track Your Voter Id Application Status

The Voter ID card is an essential document that can help to establish one’s nationality and citizenship. In India, the voter ID card is issued by the Election Commission of India. It serves primarily as an identity proof for citizens while casting their votes. The Voter Id application is a simplified process now with the Election Commission Of India’s online application portal by name, ‘National Voters Services Portal’. Not only does this portal allow you to apply for your voter card online but also to track your voter id application status.

Every five years, an election is conducted in India. The responsibility of all the citizens is extremely important in the election process as they need to elect the ideal leader by casting their votes. The facility to track an election card application status online gives an indication to the voter on how soon he will receive his card.

To find your voter id application status, follow this simple procedure.

1. Long on to the National Voters Services Portal.
2. Enter Reference ID that you got at the time of Voter ID Registration Form No.
3. Click on Track Status  (Voter ID Status).
4. The status of your Voter ID will be displayed on the screen.

After the completion of your application process, you should either receive your Voter ID in a month or two or at least the verification team visits your residence. In case neither happens within a span of two months, you must inform the ERO, Local Tahsildar, Zonal officer or the polling station of your area. If there is no response from them, you should log in to the official CEO website to understand the problem with your application and the stage at which it is stuck.

Once you have applied for the Voter ID card, you must keep a track of it to know the voter ID status The voter id application status can be tracked in several ways. When you register for your voter id either offline or online, you are provided with an application number by the Election Commission of India (ECI). The application number is very crucial for keeping track of your voter ID application status online. It is usually around 11 digits.

You can also track the election card status online by giving your name. Here’s how you do it.

Log on to the official website of for election cards and enter the following details.

Father’s name
Name of the state
Name of the district

It’s advantageous to keep a track of the voter id application status in order to avoid a situation of not being able to vote. The online Voter I d application status tracking facility is a one-stop solution to keep yourself updated on the process and progress.