Tracking the PAN card application status becomes simpler.

One of the most important documents in the country, a Permanent Account Number (PAN) is something that is mandatory for every taxpayer. The document has simplified the over complex taxation system for the government, providing relevant information and transparency in financial matters. With all the advancements, it is also possible for people to tack the PAN card application status using various methods. The advantages of having a PAN card are not limited only to this. Listed below are the various uses of a PAN card that can be considered:

  • In all challans for the doing payments.
  • In all documents pertaining to such transactions as may be prescribed, such as
    • Sale or purchase of an immovable property valuing INR 5 lakhs or more
    • Sale or purchase of a vehicle except for a two-wheeler.
    • Payments in hotels and restaurants and which are more than INR 25,000
    • Payments made in relation to travel to other countries if the amount is more than INR 25000.
    • Payment made towards bank deposits, given that the amount exceeds INR 50,000.
    • Payment made towards acquisition of bonds when the amount is equal to or greater than INR 50,000
    • Payments made towards the purchase of jewellery and bullion, if the amount exceeds INR 5 lakhs.
    • Payment made towards the purchase of mutual fund schemes.
    • Payment made towards the purchase of shares, if the amount exceeds INR 50,000
    • Any payment made towards the acquisition of an insurance policy, if the amount exceeds INR 50,000.
    • To Remit money out of India
    • To transfer of funds from NRE to NRO account.

Steps to monitor PAN card application status online

One of the fastest and most popular modes of tracking PAN card application status is the online mode, where the applicant has to just follow some simple steps.

  • Log in to the official website for NSDL PAN search, TIN-NSDL and select the PAN section.
  • Choose the application type and provide the required details, inclusive of the 15-digit number, name and date of birth to go ahead with the NSDL PAN application status procedure.
  • Once the process is successful, the applicant will be directed to the space where the PAN card application status will be projected.
  • Please note that the online tracking of the NSDL PAN application status is only possible after 24 hours of the online submission.

Other modes to check PAN application status

It takes an applicant 15 days of time to receive their PAN card. However, the government has now made it possible for people to keep an eye on the NSDL PAN card status check, apart from online monitoring. An applicant can also choose to go ahead with the two other methods given below to track their PAN card application status:

  • SMS: Send an SMS to 57575, saying NSDLPAN with their 15 digit acknowledgement number. The details will be received via message on their phones.
  • Phone call: Reach out to the call center 020-27218080 and provide the 15 digit acknowledgement number to know the status.

The PAN card doesn’t come with any expiry date and does not alter under any circumstances. In case of an change in the details of any user, a new card is issued with updated details with the same number of identification. Apart from checking PAN card status online, it is also possible for people to apply for one with the help of NSDL PAN card application form.