How to Update Details in Voter ID

The Voter ID card is an important possession as far as the citizen of India is concerned. The voter ID card has to be kept updated at all times as, in addition to being a prerequisite to vote, it also serves as an identity proof towards any Government level transactions. The Election Commission monitors elections in India. This in no way is an easy task. Ensuring smooth elections is hard. With it is even harder for the ECI to ensure that all eligible voters have their names in the electoral list. All these mean that there is scope for error, with the most common one being mistaken in the name of a voter in the electoral roll.

Spelling mistakes or incorrect names can crop up, but the ECI has provided adequate measures to update the details in the voter ID. Voters who find that their name has been wrongly spelt can get their name corrected in the list by following a simple process.
The voter ID card can be updated either offline or online. However, the process of updating voter card online is even simpler and saves the voter a lot of time.

Individuals who find that their voter ID card has incorrect information pertaining to their name can get it changed online by following a simple procedure, as highlighted below:

Visit the website of the Chief Election Officer for your state, where you will find online forms.
Fill in Form 8, the form for application to change the name in the electoral roll.
Once you have filled in the form, upload the documents required- for a change of name.
Upload official proof such as a copy of the government gazette.
For correction of name, upload a document where the name is spelt correctly, such as passport, PAN card or any official document.
Submit the form and documents online.
A reference number will be generated, through which you can track the status of your application online.
Once submitted, your application will be processed and information verified by the electoral authorities.
If the verification is successful, you will receive a notification and you can collect the voter ID card from the nearest electoral office.

The voter ID update can be done offline too by visiting the nearest electoral office near your residence and filling up the necessary forms.

The electoral card update process ensures that your voter ID details are updated and will appear in the next voters’ list.

The online voter ID update procedure is more user-friendly and a secure way of keeping your voter ID updated.