US Visa Application Procedure

The US visa application process is quite simple and you will only have to follow a few simple steps for this regard. The entire US visa application online involves the filling up of the DS 160 form which is a must for all those applying for nonimmigrant visas.

The US visa application procedure encompasses the following:

Application Form- The DS 160 application form has to be filled up for starting the US visa application procedure. The DS 160 form is the nonimmigrant form as standard. The DS-160 form’s confirmation page will have to be printed out and the CEAC barcode will be contained in the same.

Profile Creation- This is the next stage of the USA visa process. You have to make your profile and go through the necessary steps for appointment scheduling until the payment confirmation screen is witnessed.

Visa Fees- You should pay the visa fees through multiple payment options.

Appointment Scheduling- This is a must for meeting US visa requirements. You need the following information while booking the appointment-

  • Application fee payment receipt number
  • DS 160 confirmation/barcode number
  • Passport number of applicant
  • Category-wise information (this will cover US immigration visas and student visa USA along with exchange and temporary work visas)

The appointment will be scheduled for getting the photograph taken and also for fingerprinting. A fingerprint appointment will be followed by the consular appointment. Both of these can be scheduled on the same day. You will also choose the courier location where the passport will be picked up in case the visa is approved. The appointment letter should be printed out.

The next steps will be the ASC appointment-

You should carry the following documents:

  • Your present passport
  • Previous passport in case it has your most recent/current visa
  • Appointment Confirmation Page
  • DS-160 confirmation page
  • Children applicants should have copies of valid visas of their parents in the same category

Once you arrive at the ASC, you will have to join a queue. Your DS-160 confirmation page and passport will be checked before you enter the building and you must then empty out your pockets, get scanned and hand over bags. You will get a specific number thereafter. You will wait for this number to be called for fingerprinting. The passport and DS-160 confirmation page have to be shown. Your photograph will be taken first and then your fingerprints will be collected.

Thereafter, you will receive a sticker for the appointment letter which states that your appointment has been confirmed at USC. It will only take 10 minutes for the entire procedure to be finished.

The Consular Interview is the next step followed by Visa Issuance which is the final step of this process. Once approved, the visa will be dispatched by courier to the location you mentioned while taking the appointment. You will have to be present in person to receive the same.