US visa fees 2018

When it comes to the US visa fees, there are multiple payment methods. The fee structure may be different for different visa types, i.e. for USA student visa fees, the charges may be different as compared to regular US visa application fees. These fees are to be paid prior to booking appointments for interviews. Fees can be paid in cash across selected Citibank and Axis Bank branches in the country and also via bank transfers electronically.

The US student visa fee or regular fee that you pay will remain valid for 1 year from the payment date. You should have an appointment taken within 1 year for the visa interview. The US non immigrant visa fee or the fee for the Tourist/Visitor Visa is Rs. 10, 352 approximately which equates to roughly $160. This is subject to foreign exchange rates and other fluctuations.

How to pay USA visa application fees

There are many methods for paying US visa fees that you must keep in mind. These include the following:

  • NEFT electronic bank payment- Most Indian banks have support for National Electronic Funds Transfer or NEFT. You can pay the fees with this method and check for any applicable charges imposed by your bank for the MPIN service. Once you login, you will receive the unique account number and will send the NEFT payment to this account. This number is needed for scheduling your visa interview as well.
  • IMPS- You can also pay the fees via mobile phone through IMPS. However, preregistration must be there with the bank in order to successfully execute payment and they should have MPINs that are valid as well. You can use your mobile banking application or send a text to your bank. You should always enter exact amounts as shown on the payment confirmation page along with the right Beneficiary MMD number and Beneficiary Mobile Number. Get a text message with a 12 digit IMPS reference number upon confirmation of payment. This can be used for scheduling the visa interview.
  • Cash Payments- You can pay cash fees over the counter at selected branches of Axis Bank or Citibank in India. You can also pay the fee at the DRUK bank in Bhutan. You should always have a US visa fee collection slip printed from the online application profile at the official USTravelDocs website. Go to the bank with this slip while paying the fees. You will get a receipt and can use the receipt number for booking your visa interview. The payment receipt will be activated for the Visitor Visa Interview within a period of 3 hours post paying the fee at any Citibank/Axis Bank branch.

Some pointers to keep in mind-

  • The visa application fees are non-transferable and non-refundable
  • You will get a receipt post payment of the application fees
  • The receipt has a year’s validity from the payment date and is needed for booking your interview at the US Consulate/Embassy
  • The interview should be scheduled within the validity period of the receipt.