Vijaya Bank Credit Card: All You Need to Know

Vijaya Bank is a leading public sector bank in India and since its inception in 1931, it has continued to grow and prosper, standing at 1767 branches all across India today. The bank is headquartered in Bangalore and it is one of the most popular banks in South India predominantly. There are a wide range of benefits to be availed from this bank and the credit cards are one of them. They have been carefully designed to suit the requirements of the modern consumer and offer a wide range of services and benefits. There are two kinds of cards- the Global and the Domestic card. Domestic cards are accepted everywhere in India and Nepal and the global card is internationally accepted in every country.


What are the Vijaya Bank Credit cards offers?

The credit cards from Vijaya Bank offer a number of advantages to the customers. The cardholders earn loyalty points and they are in turn redeemed across various outlets while making purchases. They offer additional discounts and benefits and the cards also have add- on facility for the family members. The cards also have low annual and joining fees and the 24*7 customer service is always online. The entry fee of most of the cards is as low as Rs 300. Depending on the nature of the card, 1 to 2 points can be availed on every spending of Rs 100. A card can be replaced in case of theft for a nominal amount of Rs 172 and the charge of getting a duplicate statement is Rs 29 only. Such affordability makes Vijaya Bank extremely dear to the average middle class for whom it is now possible to fulfilling the dreams of living the high life within their own limited means.


What are the Benefits of Vijaya Bank Credit Cards?

There are a number of features and benefits of Vijaya Bank credit cards which makes the customer really enjoy his privileges. The global cards are valid all over the world and the domestic card across Nepal and India. The Visa and the Mastercard credit cards come under classic, city, gold and Platinum variants and the banks also offer special cards for professionals like doctors and nurses. The SMS hotlisting facility can be availed in case of loss of card- the card can be blocked immediately just by sending an SMS to the bank. The credit card has cash withdrawal facility and card holders can withdraw 50% of the card limit or Rs 25,000 whichever is lower.

The Revolving credit facility is a great feature that allows the user to make the bill payments in monthly installments, especially in case of a large purchase. The bills are sent to the cardholders every week via email and also on the date of billing and they are sent free of charge. Not only can be the loyalty points be redeemed, the bank also offers 50 days of free credit to its card holders, but only if they have not applied for the revolving card facility. The cardholders are also protected against fraudulent transactions in case of loss of cards.


What is the process of Citibank Credit Card Application?

Vijaya Bank credit card can be applied for both online and offline. To apply for the card online, one has to visit the official website of the bank and check the “Cards” section. Then one has to choose the Credit Card option and here one would find all the details pertaining to the various credit cards offered by the bank. Be it domestic or international credit card, the cards come loaded with benefits and they are streamlined to suit the various purposes of the card holder. After going through all the features, the card holder can click on the card he finds is most suitable for his needs and then click on the Apply Button. He would be redirected to a page where some information would be asked of him to determine the eligibility. The applicant would be notified in a few days whether his application was accepted or rejected. On the contrary, the applicant could also visit any of the Vijaya Bank branches and he could apply for the card offline by filling out a form in the bank.


How to Check Vijaya Bank Credit card eligibility?


To be eligible for Vijaya Bank credit card, one has to fulfill a few criteria. The applicant must have a minimum deposit of Rs 50,000 in the bank for two years, the individual credit facility of Rs 2 lakhs is a must. A salaried individual must have an annual income of at least Rs 60,000 and self employed individuals and businessmen must earn at least Rs 50,000. The credit cards for the professionals like doctors and nurses would only be approved after the required educational documents are given to the bank and then they would also undergo a verification.  Certain documents have to be provided for the final approval and they include all the KYC documents, along with the filled up application form. Income proof has to be provided in the way of salary slips and IT documents. One must also provide business proof like address of business along with TAN, if needed.


Types of Vijaya Bank Credit Cards:

There are a number of credit cards offered by Vijaya Bank and all of them have their unique set of features. They can be used in domestic markets or all over the world. The points can be used to avail a number of features. The Bank mostly offers credit cards categories like Domestic cards and Global cards.

The following are the Domestic credit cards by Vijaya Bank.


The following are the international credit cards from Vijaya Bank


There are also special cards for doctors and nurses to be availed.