What makes the aadhaar card number so different?

The important document has a new name now, and it’s called aadhaar card. The aadhaar card number for every user in the nation currently is solely responsible for their identification. The aadhaar project initiative started as an attempt towards having a single, unique identification for everyone, from adult to a child.

Amidst plenty of other documents like PAN Card, Passports, Driving Licenses, etc, the aadhaar card details now hold a highly crucial designation, helping people avail and enroll for various governmental services and schemes. It acts like a database that helps people access services that they were denied due to lack of proper identification proof.

The difference between aadhaar card and other documents

There are a few major factors that help the aadhaar card details stand out. When compared to other documents, here are the few things that differentiate the aadhaar card number of a user from its other documents and their usage:

  • Aadhaar card is paperless and internet friendly. The user can get e-aadhaar with the help of a few clicks and everything has become effortless. The UIDAI’s aadhaar portal allows people to avail its tools that involve aadhaar card status check, change in details, aadhaar card verification, etc.
  • The aadhaar card details can be accessed from anywhere and anything. This is the benefit that every aadhaar cardholder gets from availing the e-aadhaar services.
  • All the data is stored with a single entity, i.e. the UIDAI. All the tools and services are directly controlled by the UIDAI. Whether it’s the aadhaar card verification or the aadhaar card status update that people need, their one and only destination is now the aadhaar portal by UIDAI.
  • It is now a part of all the other relevant identification documents. The aadhaar link to PAN card, aadhaar card link to bank account and its link to the mobile number is now mandatory. This ensures a single document management on all everything.
  • The aadhaar card number helps people avail various government services and plans. This includes schemes like Jan Dhan Yojana, Digital Locker, Monthly Pensions, Provident Funds, Digital Life Certificate, etc.

There’s no denying to the fact that a single aadhaar card number can now do wonders.