Where all is aadhaar card mandatory?


If you are confused about news and social media alerts to link your aadhar card number to every essential service you use, you are not alone. This 12-digit unique identification number has been issued by the Central Government to the citizens of India. For every Indian resident aadhar has become the single primary document that serves as identity proof. Other than welfare schemes, aadhar card details have been made mandatory at many other essential services we use on a daily basis.

Importance of Aadhaar card

The value and importance of Aadhar card has increased a lot and you will find everyone around speaking about how to link aadhar to mobile number, PAN, banking etc. Healthcare, banking, insurance, mutual funds and Government agencies make it mandatory for individuals to adhere to adhar card link process to avail of the services. It also aims at reducing the rampant use and growth of black money and corruption in all walks of life.

Where all is it mandatory

The increased acceptance of Aadhar at every important avenue makes it an essential document to procure. Many government schemes are being launched regularly and linking your Aadhar to them is becoming a necessity. Here’s where aadhar card verification is mandatory:

  • New Bank Account opening: It is compulsory to possess Aadhar if one wants to open a savings bank account in a nationalised or co-operative bank.
  • Existing Bank Account: An aadhar link to bank account that has been opened and operated in the past is compulsory too.
  • Financial transactions above Rs.50000: Any kind of financial transaction above Rs. 50000 needs a valid Aadhar as per current rules.
  • Mobile connection: All existing prepaid and post-paid mobile subscribers should link their aadhar to their mobile numbers. By not doing so, there is a risk of deactivation from mobile services. Also new mobile subscribers will have to provide aadhar details along with aadhar card print out.
  • Driving licence: In order to curb multiple driving licenses and to help during accidents, linking aadhar to driving license will soon become mandatory.
  • PAN and Income Tax returns: Government of India has made it mandatory to link PAN with aadhar which is a huge step towards curbing black money and reducing cash transactions. Your PAN could be deactivated if this is not done at the earliest. The filing of Income Tax returns also needs declaration of Aadhar details to be furnished without which the returns will be declared as invalid.
  • Investments: You should also submit aadhar card details to all financial institutions where you have made investments like mutual funds and insurance.


The process of linking aadhar to all the above-mentioned essential services has been simplified so that common man does not face any kind of hardship. One can carry out this linking process like income tax aadhar link or to PAN from the comfort of one’s home. Many local centres have also been empowered to aid citizens in linking Aadhar to various agencies without much hassle.