Guide to withdraw EPF and check the claim status.

EPF is basically a contribution of fund by the employee and the employer. A salaried individual should pay 12% of the basic salary and the other 12% is contributed by the employer. A total amount of 24% of your salary is contributed every month. Provident fund employer contribution helps to secure his or her retirement life.

Online EPF Withdrawal Procedure

UAN or the Universal Account Number is compulsory for all the employees under the PF Act.

To apply for EPF withdrawal online, you need to make sure that your UAN number is linked with your Mobile number as well as Aadhar card, PAN and bank details.

Once the above conditions are met

  • You can Log in to the UAN portal.
  • Verify your KYC details from the Manage tab.
  • After KYC verification, select the Claim option from the Online Services tab. It will display the member details as well as the KYC details.
  • Click on “Proceed for online claim “to submit the form.
  • Select the appropriate option from “I want to apply for” tab. It will show only the eligible options.
  • After the selection of a relevant claim, a detailed form will appear. Fill in the form to complete the online claim submission. After a successful submission PF claim will be processed to your bank account.
  • By using ‘Track Claim Status’ you can track your claim status.

Check your PF Claim Status Online

To do yourEPF withdrawal status check you can simply follow this steps:

  • To know your PF claim status first Go to the EPFO portal.
  • Click on “Our services” then select “For Employees “
  • Click on ‘Know Your Claim Status’
  • Enter your UAN number and also the captcha image
  • A new window will appear. Enter all the relevant details.
  • Now to check the EPF withdrawal status onlineClick on the ‘Submit’ button.


EPF schemeis very important to secure your life after retirement. When you start working, you and your employer both contribute 12% of your basic salary to your EPF account .EPF is active every time you receive your payment. In case of a job change it is very important to update your EPF contribution details with your new company by giving your EPF number to continue the contribution. EPF withdrawals are easy through its online portal. You can also check your application status through EPFO portal.