Yes Bank Debit Card: How to Activate

YES Bank has an extensive network across 29 States and 7 Union Territories. Based out of Mumbai, the YES Bank Debit Card is extremely customer centric and service driven and caters to several businesses in India. With an extensive reach and branches across India, YES Bank is the 5th largest private sector bank in India. Yes Bank is the only bank which has Greenfield Bank license issued by Reserve Bank of India (RBI). It is a commercial bank which caters to the needs of financial markets, Investment Banking, Business and Transaction Banking, Retail & SME Banking franchise and wealth management business across the country. Yes Bank is an extremely customer-friendly company that offers a delightful banking experience to its customers. 

YES Bank debit cards are very helpful with increased purchase limits, withdrawal limits and exclusive value added services. YES Bank cards are flexible across several categories including electronics, consumer goods, apparels and many more. You are entitled to unlimited free transactions through the YES Bank Debit Cards from any ATM across India.

YES Bank comes out with a host of Debit card options giving the customers a lot of options to choose from. Take a look and see what’s on offer!

YES Bank extends the facility for online registration. The YES Bank Online Registration process is very simple. Follow these steps.

  1. Log on to
  2. In the Net Banking section, select “Retail” and click on “Login”
  3. Click on the link “Register Online/First Time Users”
  4. Enter your Customer ID, Debit Card Number & ATM PIN
  5. Create your Net Banking Password
  6. Click on “Register Online”


In order to activate the YES Bank debit card, the customers would have to change their Secret code PIN Number.

When customers open an account with Yes Bank, they receive a welcome kit that includes a debit card, ATM PIN, internet banking details, and mobile banking information. When a customer receives their debit card, they are required to activate it before they can begin using it. The following are the steps to activate a Yes Bank debit card:

  • Visit a Yes Bank ATM. It is essential that the ATM machine is one that belongs to Yes Bank when using a debit card for the first time.
  • Insert the card in the machine and enter the PIN provided by the bank.
  • Select the option to activate the card
  • You will be required to enter the 4 digit secret pin provided YES Bank , along with your bank kit
  • Select the option Change PIN to enter a new 4 digit pin
  • Check for activation of the card by inserting it in the machine again to make cash withdrawal.
  • If the transaction is successful, it means the debit card has been activated.


The YES Bank debit cards come with exciting offers to its customers making it a preferred choice for every customer to have. Here are some notable and attractive benefits.

  • YES Bank offers complimentary access to golf clubs and airport lounges across India.
  • YES Bank extends special offers on dining, travel, shopping, utility bill payments and many more.
  • With a YES Bank debit card, get 2.5% fuel surcharge waiver and save more every time you refuel your car at any fuel station across India.
  • Extends higher daily ATM withdrawal limits and daily purchase limits.
  • Facility to receive SMS alerts for every transaction that you make using your YES Bank debit card and track all your expenditures.
  • EMV chip and PIN cards enhances the security level to a great extent and protects you from cyber-attacks.


YES Bank Debit Cards – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PIN?

The 4-digit unique number provided by YES Bank, which enables an individual to withdraw cash at ATMs and enhances security, is called a PIN.

How often can I change my Yes bank debit card PIN?

YES Bank debit card PIN can be changed as many times as you want.

  Where can I use my YES Bank debit card?

YES Bank debit cards can be used at several ATMs and merchant establishments   worldwide. You may also make payments online using your debit card.

What is OTP?

One Time Password (OTP) is a single use code which is required while shopping online using their YES Bank debit cards.

Do I need a new PIN for a replaced YES Bank debit card?

No. You don’t need a new PIN for a replaced YES Bank debit card. In case of theft or loss of card, a new card with the same PIN as before, is issued.

Is it possible to reload the YES Bank Debit card?

Yes, this is possible. You simply have to contact the YES Bank branch from where you had purchased the card. Subsequently, you can reload the card with additional funds.